Helping Your Neighbors During Coronavirus Pandemic

By now, the whole global population is frightened by the coronavirus pandemic. A lot of businesses have shuttered, the cleaning products have sold out, the schools and kindergartens were closed and many people try to avoid the public transit systems. Our lives do not look the same anymore and now it’s time to think about our community, our neighbors.

In difficult times like the ones, we are living these days, finding ways to help our loved ones and the people around us makes a great distance. Although we feel out of control, there are steps we can take to stop the spread of coronavirus, like washing our hands regularly, practicing social distancing, and helping those around us who need assistance.

In today’s article, we propose you several ways in which you can help people from your community.

Small gestures make a great difference

As mentioned before, social distancing is recommended by CDC and WHO, which means you have to stay at least six feet away from other people and to avoid large gatherings. Emotionally, it may seem a measure difficult to handle, but it has proven to be an effective one. Not being close to the ones we love, being able to hug and kiss them it’s really lonely, that’s why it’s important to check in with not just those you love, but anyone you know who might be having a hard time. Sending a text message (or even a postcard!) is imperative to let people know they’re not alone. A small gesture like this could really make a difference for the lonely people in your community.

Ask your neighbors what they need

It’s impossible to guess the needs of our neighbors unless we ask them. You can do this by leaving notes in your neighbors’ mailboxes or posting on your social media accounts. Maybe you can check online for a group created especially for your community. If it doesn’t exist yet, think about creating one and inviting as many people as possible. Anyone could help. Even if you discover a neighbor needs something you can’t provide personally, you probably know someone else who can help.

 Leave a note on your door

This measure is really effective for the elderly who don’t spend much time on social media. Your note can include your name and contact information, and what you feel comfortable doing to help out your neighbors.

 Disinfecting – a daily activity 

It wouldn’t hurt to bring along a pack of disinfectant wipes and wipe things down as you go if you have to go out in public—say, to go to work, the grocery store, or to drive someone to get medical care. Not only will it give you peace of mind, but it could also save others from being infected. Disinfect the door handles in your apartment building as often as possible.

Think about others too – DON’T overshop

Remember: The more you take, the less someone else can have. If you’re healthy, buying eight boxes of disinfectant wipes might mean you’re preventing someone who is sick from accessing them.

Try to avoid shopping too often. You will expose yourself and others.

Stay safe and help as much as you can!

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