Aspen luxury villa located in a small Polish village high in mountains

Aspen luxury villa located in a small Polish village high in mountains

Location: Miedzybrodzie, Poland
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Aga Sawicz Create

“A Polish couple, both of them visionaries, was looking for a perfect place to create their imaginary house for 5 years before finally they found this spot. Immediately they were sure about the place in small Polish village high in mountains.


The idea was to build a house and to keep magical feeling of open space inside and to let the view on the rustling trees, hummling stream and lake speak through windows and on the balcony. No matter what time of the year you are there the nature is just stunning and the rest has been chosen to match to that. There is 255 meters (2,745 feet) to explore and to enjoy every detail that’s why the owners decided to share this unique atmosphere with the others.


ASPEN is a villa for the exclusive rent but every floor has a separate entrance and kitchen so it’s for rent separately as well. There is six bedrooms, seven bathrooms and two living rooms with kitchenette and huge terrace located in a calm surroundings close to nature. Neutral colors, wood, stone and glass in warmth shades make the place – feels like home and so easy to relax looking outside while the fireplace is whispering and calming the atmosphere. You can try to read a book the same time but the owners guarantee that it’s not so easy to concentrate on something else than dramatic landscape and clean, fresh air filled with etheric oils from the pines and spruces in the forest.”

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