Picture Frame House by DSDG Inc. Architects

Picture Frame House by DSDG Inc. Architects

Architects: DSDG Inc. Architects
Location: Sarasota, Florida, USA
Year: 2010
Area: 6,400 sqft
Photo courtesy: Detlev von Kessel

The idea started with making a universal style cutting edge living arrangement exploiting the 360 degree perspectives of Sarasota downtown, the Gulf of Mexico, Sarasota Bay and New Pass. A yard is encompassed by the home which coordinates outside and indoor living.


This 6,400 square foot home is planned around a focal yard which associate the carport and visitor house in the front, to the fundamental house in the back through flame bowl and lap pool lined walkway on the first level and scaffold on the second level. The structural planning is furrowed yet liquid with the utilization of teak recolored cypress and shade cruises that make ease and development in the building design. The patio turns into a private day and evening time desert spring with flame, water and cantilevered stair case prompting the front entryway which seconds as cheap seat style seating for watching swimmers in the 60 foot long wet edge lap pool. A regal palm tree plantation finish and edge the patio.


The façade of the habitation is comprised of a progression of picture edges that edge the structural planning and the floor to roof glass all through. The back secured gallery exploits augmenting the perspectives with glass railings and free crossed structure. The bow of the overhang extends out like a boat breaking free from the back casing to end up the second level picturesque neglect. This disregard is equaled by the full rooftop top porch that is comprised of wood decking and grass putting green which has a 360 degree scene of the environment.


The floor arrangement is an opposite style arrangement with the optional rooms and rooms on the first floor and the considerable room, kitchen and main room on the second floor to amplify the perspectives in the most utilized rooms of the house. The living arrangement fulfills the objectives in which were put forward by making cutting edge outline in scale, warmth, shape and capacity.

Picture-Frame-House-04 Picture-Frame-House-6 Picture-Frame-House-06 Picture-Frame-House-07 Picture-Frame-House-08 Picture-Frame-House-09 Picture-Frame-House-11 Picture-Frame-House-12 Picture-Frame-House-13 Picture-Frame-House-15 Picture-Frame-House-16 Picture-Frame-House-17 Picture-Frame-House-18 Picture-Frame-House-19 Picture-Frame-House-22 Picture-Frame-House-23

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