Villa Midgård by DAPstockholm

Villa Midgård by DAPstockholm

Architects: DAPstockholm
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Year: 2011
Area: 300 sqm
Photo courtesy: Lindman Photography

At the point when the customer met with DAPstockholm they longed for a strong, separated house with a maintenance‐free exterior, a feeling of roof stature and a main room with the advantage of morning sun. They additionally longed for an answer where they could open up bigger windows toward the view and have a protected space where they could sit and listen to the pouring precipitation. This brought about a multi‐faceted house where the shape and bearing of the distinctive volumes depend on different variables, for example, the territory, the light conditions, the perspectives and the security. The volumes give the house seven unique exteriors. This and the emotional way of the slanting site furnish the house with an interesting character.


Cut‐ outs in the mountain give space for the outside seating regions. In the south‐east bearing, outside the SPA, one of these makes a critical outskirt between the orchestrated and the uncontrolled patio nursery. The second floor is suspended over the passageway floor to shadow and ensure the yard. Here the boundlessness pool, made out of dim solid, make you think about a profound woods lake adding to characteristics of a wild where the water keeps running over the pool edge. The exterior of the souterrain is made out of slate and the stair from the parking space out of limestone. Grass covers the top of the tallest volume and the rooftop porch where it is themed with spruce. The house inside likewise display materials that are near nature, for example, walnut, clay stone and marble.


“By utilizing living materials the house will turn out to be more trademark with age” says CalleSmedshammar, accomplice Architect at DAPstockholm.

Villa-Midgard-01 Villa-Midgard-02 Villa-Midgard-03 Villa-Midgard-04 Villa-Midgard-05-1 Villa-Midgard-05 Villa-Midgard-06 Villa-Midgard-07 Villa-Midgard-08 Villa-Midgard-09 Villa-Midgard-10 Villa-Midgard-11 Villa-Midgard-12 Villa-Midgard-21 Villa-Midgard-22 Villa-Midgard-23 Villa-Midgard-24 Villa-Midgard-25

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