27 East Sussex Lane by ONG&ONG

27 East Sussex Lane by ONG&ONG

Architects: ONG&ONG
Location: Singapore
Year: 2009
Photo courtesy: Derek Swalwell

The outside façade of 27 East Sussex Land looks to some extent like those of resort manors, with its fantastic passage of stone and timber. Two stories make up the house, which likewise has a storm cellar, and swimming pool in the back yard.


Common surfaces include conspicuously in the house, with dull, recolored timber strips making up the encompassing fence, and long timber louvers surrounding the house’s windows. Bamboo covers the house in puzzle, radiating an oriental feel while likewise bearing security.


Indoor and outside spaces mix together consistently, for instance, the lounge room which drives straight to the pool by means of a stone veranda. From the second floor, the main room extends into the terrace and over the pool.


With its utilization of various regular materials and the sharp combination of spaces, 27 East Sussex Lane is a delightful dwelling place rest and relaxation.

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