22.House by Chon.a

22.House by Chon.a

Architects: Chon.a
Location: Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam
Year: 2014
Area: 3.014 ft²/ 280 m²
Photo courtesy: Hieu Tam & Huynh Dung

“Starting a new day with a cup of coffee in small house, it is a habit that never give up every morning of young couple.


The first morning coffee, they talk about their life, work, children, the hard time for beginning their career in a narrow house, their hobbies and love nature of every member in their family.


The second morning coffee, they talk about the land that they will be built for their new house. The land is located in the center market in the city, it operates from early morning till late at night.


The third morning coffee, they talk about their house in the future, they like taking care of birds and fishes, their kids like keeping some lovely dogs, the wife likes cooking and making flowers vase, they love gardens, vegetables and plants. They hope to have a quite place near by the noise market. They don’t need any special things, they just hope every material for building is the most popular, the simplest for building up and the cost is as cheap as possible.


Some later morning coffees , we still keep our habits . And then we talk again about space, material, detail…


Six months later, we drink morning coffee together again at the house which they talked. We don’t try to make anything special in this space, we just try to give all family members live closely with nature as much as possible between noise city. To the nature speak out by Koi carp lake, garden, plants, birds singing, naughty pets, natural light and shadow, windy, the sea breathe…


This album has been performed after the project was used for about over 18 months.”

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