NA House by NatureArch Studio

NA House by NatureArch Studio

Architects: NatureArch Studio
Location: District 7, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Year: 2011
Photo courtesy: Quang Tran

NA-Narrow House exists unavoidably by social improvement and strategic urban arranging in Vietnam, particularly in Ho Chi Minh city where populace thickness is exceedingly conservative.


This Na House was developed on a tight land part of 3,5m x 18m in an agreeable urban range in District 7, Ho Chi Minh city. The proprietor’s interest is to make a living and flexible space for using, straightforward and improvable to act appropriately with the financial abilities of a youthful utilize family wage.


Take after these particular terms and conditions, the designer has proposed a streamlined outline arrangement from structural planning to inside enrichments to free the house from the compelled sentiments in modeler and spatially restricted range. By utilizing percentiles and association of space, Na House appears to be more enthralling than other normal houses and turn out to be more large on the grounds that the space of those capacity rooms are joined by the yard which permit ventilation and assimilation of common lights. This is the primary element that beats the impediments of these long and limit kind of houses.


The porch is the move place as well as the heart of the home living space. The rooms which situate over the porch will turn out to be more open, more fragments and in the meantime make recognized highlight in the inside. Everything requires a nitty gritty taking care of in structure that is modern, humble and all through. Moreover, the completed furniture or other inside frill/adornments are acquired by arrangement, not excessively indulgent but rather still ensure the congruity in stratus, hues took after by a brought together style for a complete living space.

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