Two wooden waterfront houses compressed by the sea and a cliff in Puertecillo by 2DM

Architects: 2DM
Location: Chile
Year: 2016
Area: 1.249 ft²/ 116 m²
Photography: ©2DM

“The commission consisted of two waterfront houses, on a narrow piece of land, compressed by the sea and a cliff. Thus, the question arises immediately: how not to fall into the evident blatancy of the view to the sea, having it in front like an unavoidable scene with no mediating between sight and sea?. The answer is to measure. A volume is then proposed that revolves in itself to receive the sea as a surprise, as a violent blow of sight, and a different perspective each and every time, as a sight that cannot be anticipated.

We can say that it is a work that achieves, not an immense, unique sea, but several, that of the northern rockery, Punta Puertecillo to the south, and so on. In this way, the two volumes that contain and tighten the volume appear: the sea and the cliff.”

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