Pine Forest Cabin by Balance Associates

Pine Forest Cabin by Balance Associates

Architects: Balance Associates

Location: Winthrop, Washington, USA

Year: 2007

Area: 850 sqft

Photo courtesy: Steve Keating Photography


So as to meet the customer’s financial plan objectives, a productive arrangement and practical choice of building materials decreased development expenses and prompted the basic box outline. The utilization of sheet materials both all around boosted material effectiveness while underlining the lodge’s straightforwardness structure.

Copyright by Steve Keating

Two solid dividers support the container and permit it to cantilever over the slope, decreasing successful site unsettling influence. Hoisting the lodge took into consideration unhampered perspectives down slant and to the mountains past, changing an unassuming living space from customary space to a survey stage that stretches out from inside to out.



This task exhibits our conviction that structurally fascinating arrangements can be accomplished for spending plans of all sizes without relinquishing quality or style.

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0606_floorplan 0606_siteplan


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