X House by Agraz Arquitectos

X House by Agraz Arquitectos

Architects: Agraz Arquitectos
Location: Puerta del Bosque, Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico
Area: 3,283 sqft / 305 sqm
Location: 2011
Photo courtesy: Mito Covarrubias

A corner formed territory is dependably a surprising practice for architectonic outline. This is the reason an alternate arrangement was required for this house, which is adjoining another house venture of the firm, permitting the chance to set up a building dialog between them.

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It is additionally an undertaking where extraordinary accentuation was given to the structural idea and dialect of the house. Amongst this, the vehicles set underneath the occupant as modified. Furthermore, in light of the fact that it is in a corner molded real estate parcel, the short front is bound to them in a mid level cellar. In this manner, central façade dismisses the vehicles from all sight, giving whatever is left of that level for administration room and a stairway that prompts the entryway, which can be gotten to likewise by the fundamental passage.

X House (1)The landscape was partitioned by the floor setup into three comparable size ranges. One strip is given for the greenhouse yard where a little tree-lined square transforms into an augmentation for kitchen, living and dinning exhibition. In the center comes the focal hub of the line stairway going up from the storm cellar to the first floor and in another flight, to the second floor. And after that comes the third territory offered over to studio, restroom and primary passage.

X House (2)This first floor is inside of itself one single zone with retractable windows that include the yard to the focal space of living, dinning and kitchen. While the second floor is partitioned into two rooms with shower and changing area each, and a principle room that grabs the biggest piece of this surface, additionally with shower and dressing cornered room investigating an expansive window.

X House (3)X House is, in itself, one fundamental outline with a straightforward plan that gives out an in number confronted house. It is a mix of white solid bodies, marble plates and outline metallic shades.

X House (4)

Knowing it is the keep going piece on the square X House ends up being the pivot that pulls it all together by offering façades on both of its side.

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