The Shelter by Nha4 Architects

Location: Thai Hoa, Nghe An, Vietnam
Year: 2015
Area: 753 sqft
Photo courtesy: Hoang Le

“The Shelter” locates in a low-land annually flooded, a rural area of Nghe An province, Vietnam. The purpose of project is fundamentally to combine a shelter in a high level to avoid the annual flood while still maintain the daily memorable space of owner. A stone foundation was constructed as high as the maximum flooding level. An open-space is towards the existing garden. The appearance of “The Shelter” is a symbiotic unity with the old house.

The-Shelter-01 The-Shelter-02 The-Shelter-03 The-Shelter-04 The-Shelter-05 The-Shelter-06 The-Shelter-07 The-Shelter-08 The-Shelter-09 The-Shelter-10 The-Shelter-11 The-Shelter-12 The-Shelter-13 The-Shelter-14 The-Shelter-15 The-Shelter-16 The-Shelter-17 The-Shelter-18

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