Thorncrest House by Altius Architecture

Thorncrest House by Altius Architecture

Architects: Graham Smith of Altius Architecture
Location: Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
Year: 2012
Area: 6,500 square foot
Photos: Greg Van Riel

This new present day home obliges a group of 6 and their visitors. Private spaces are organized to take into consideration an open idea space with twofold tallness parlor encompassed by a catwalk.


Specific consideration was paid to normal light introduction at the storm cellar exit, facilitating its move to review by means of an indented pool, deck and grass patios. Shading is given by profound rooftop overhangs and cantilevered volumes.


The home’s particular blue zinc cladding and Spanish cedar accents make a special road vicinity.

Thorncrest-House-03 Thorncrest-House-04 Thorncrest-House-05 Thorncrest-House-06 Thorncrest-House-07 Thorncrest-House-08 Thorncrest-House-09 Thorncrest-House-10 Thorncrest-House-11 Thorncrest-House-12 Thorncrest-House-13 Thorncrest-House-14 Thorncrest-House-15 Thorncrest-House-16 Thorncrest-House-18 Thorncrest-House-19 Thorncrest-House-20 Thorncrest-House-21 Thorncrest-House-22 Thorncrest-House-23

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