Contemporary Garden Street Residence in Austin by Pavonetti Architecture

Contemporary Garden Street Residence in Austin by Pavonetti Architecture

Architects: Pavonetti Architecture
Location: Austin, Texas, USA
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Amanda Kirkpatrick

This little home in Austin, TX consolidates unadulterated Modernism with a provincial vernacular referencing maturing structures, for example, horse shelters and stables found all through rustic Texas. Cedar siding, uncovered wood and steel encircling, and steel windows assimilate the home with a hand created tasteful, while trim-less subtle elements, extensive windows and clean unadorned lines pay admiration to Modernism.


The handcrafted staircase at Garden Street was built nearby from plate steel, extended metal and recovered long leaf pine. The steel outlines for the windows were manufactured two miles from the development site and powder covered in South Austin. Extra steel was manufactured into platform sink tables and a section table. The solid piece was left exposed for the lower floor and tongue and notch encircling timber serves as the decking and the completed floor for the upper level. The tasteful endeavors to commend the polish, productivity, and oft shrouded unpleasantness of development.


The inside configuration focused on decorating the space in the same basic and clean way that the space was planned. All things considered, a shading bed was been rich and profound and included components would be insignificant. Round leaf plants relax the spaces while books and knickknacks on open racking give shading reason.


The inside spaces are reminiscent of a mechanical space in New York, the outside infers the provincial structures of farming the Texas Hill Country and the outfitting acquires shading from around the globe. Being the proprietor, designer and manufacturer is an attempting undertaking yet the prizes for the diligent work are clear and results represent themselves in this excellent home in East Austin.

Contemporary-Garden-Street-Residence-in-Austin-by-Pavonetti-Architecture-04 Contemporary-Garden-Street-Residence-in-Austin-by-Pavonetti-Architecture-05 Contemporary-Garden-Street-Residence-in-Austin-by-Pavonetti-Architecture-06 Contemporary-Garden-Street-Residence-in-Austin-by-Pavonetti-Architecture-07 Contemporary-Garden-Street-Residence-in-Austin-by-Pavonetti-Architecture-08 Contemporary-Garden-Street-Residence-in-Austin-by-Pavonetti-Architecture-09 Contemporary-Garden-Street-Residence-in-Austin-by-Pavonetti-Architecture-10 Contemporary-Garden-Street-Residence-in-Austin-by-Pavonetti-Architecture-11 Contemporary-Garden-Street-Residence-in-Austin-by-Pavonetti-Architecture-12 Contemporary-Garden-Street-Residence-in-Austin-by-Pavonetti-Architecture-13 Contemporary-Garden-Street-Residence-in-Austin-by-Pavonetti-Architecture-14 Contemporary-Garden-Street-Residence-in-Austin-by-Pavonetti-Architecture-15 Contemporary-Garden-Street-Residence-in-Austin-by-Pavonetti-Architecture-16 Contemporary-Garden-Street-Residence-in-Austin-by-Pavonetti-Architecture-17

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