Rustic Mount Wilson Residence by Poss Architecture

Rustic Mount Wilson Residence by Poss Architecture

Architects: Poss Architecture
Location: Aspen, Colorado, USA
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Poss Architecture

This family compound is intended to be a mountain retreat for the customer and their gang. As opposed to substantial and formal, the customer sought the living arrangements to be a spot to unwind and appreciate the mountains and the perspectives with falling water components all through. The habitation is intended to seem added substance as though it has been on the site for quite a while. The idea of something old and something new is utilized with a matured appearance as you approach the house, then uncovering a more cutting edge translation of a horse shelter as you draw nearer.

Rustic-Mount-Wilson-Residence-by-Poss-Architecture-01 Rustic-Mount-Wilson-Residence-by-Poss-Architecture-02 Rustic-Mount-Wilson-Residence-by-Poss-Architecture-03 Rustic-Mount-Wilson-Residence-by-Poss-Architecture-04 Rustic-Mount-Wilson-Residence-by-Poss-Architecture-05 Rustic-Mount-Wilson-Residence-by-Poss-Architecture-06 Rustic-Mount-Wilson-Residence-by-Poss-Architecture-07 Rustic-Mount-Wilson-Residence-by-Poss-Architecture-08 Rustic-Mount-Wilson-Residence-by-Poss-Architecture-09 Rustic-Mount-Wilson-Residence-by-Poss-Architecture-10 Rustic-Mount-Wilson-Residence-by-Poss-Architecture-11 Rustic-Mount-Wilson-Residence-by-Poss-Architecture-12 Rustic-Mount-Wilson-Residence-by-Poss-Architecture-13 Rustic-Mount-Wilson-Residence-by-Poss-Architecture-14

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