Fun Ideas For Setting Up Your Kid’s Bedroom

The Child Checklist – Fun Ideas For Setting Up Your Kid’s Bedroom

Life as a kid is hectic at the best of times. With a limited experience of the full range of things life can throw at them, kids are far more likely to run right into the middle of the worst (or best!) moment of their entire lives on a daily basis. For this reason, a safe space that feel like home is essential for healthy development and good quality of life. When designing a child’s bedroom, there are a few things that can help create that feeling.


The Details

It’s often the smallest things that have the greatest impact on children. While you want the space to be engaging and even exciting for the little ones, it is equally important not to overstimulate. There is no point having a room for sleeping if they are going to be too excited to sleep.

Have a look at your options. You can go shopping for rugs, cool (kid safe) picture frames and posters, or even browse a range of kids curtains online. Colour and style will obviously change depending on your child’s personal taste, so it pays to involve them in the process.

For children whe share a bedroom, decisions need to be made carefully. Selecting bedsheets and pillows based on each child’s preferences will give a sense of belonging and ownership that might otherwise be at risk. But this is not the only place where individuality can be explored and celebrated. A small rug  next to each bed, pictures on each wall and even personally coloured drawers and coat hangers all serve to make things exciting and personal even in shared spaces.


The Big Stuff

Here is where things get a little tricky. Children flit from interest to interest constantly as the world opens up to them. It’s simple to swap a poster of a dinosaur with one of a car with ease. But if you fork out the money for a racing car bed frame, things get a little dicey when you child wakes up one morning and just doesn’t like cars anymore.

When choosing things like furniture, keep permanent themes to a minimum. That said, stickers and even paint are super easy to remove and change. Giving your child a chest of drawers and a sticker set will keep them occupied and instil in them a sense of pride. Better still, sitting with your kids for an afternoon and painting a wardrobe door or desk is a great bonding exercise, and a valuable way to share time and space.


A Little Flavour

Things still ought to be fun in the little one’s room. You can have some of the most fun simply getting them involved in the set up. Yes, it tends to be more time-consuming, and nobody is claiming that kids are going to have the most… conventional ideas surrounding interior design. But if your son wants his bed placed at a forty-five degree angle from the wall so that he can build a blanket fort against the wall, where’s the harm? If it limits the play space in the room, or is somehow frustrating or impractical, that is something he’ll pick up pretty quickly.

In the end, the primary thing to remember is that the kids’ bedroom is the one space in the house that undeniably belongs to them. Allow them to let their imaginations wander, leave space for the changing tides of interest. If something changes, and it’s not harmful, go with it. Children know what they want, even if that might change next week.

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