RGR House by archiNOW

RGR House by archiNOW

Location: Rimini, Emilia Romagna, Italy
Area: 500 sqm
Location: 2011
Photo courtesy: Daniele Domenicali

A show of “zero volume construction modeling” in which rebuild, some of the time, does not as a matter of course mean to keep. The intercession includes a complete redesign of a current building changed over into a private habitation.


The venture looks for a many-sided quality of volumes through the sythesis of basic components; the engineered result is the covering of two things from the contradictory nature that interface in strict congruity. The storm cellar, rising up out of the ground, reaches out to all outside arranging and has as target to produce a conservative mass on the ground and, in the meantime, oblige the piece overlying described by more noteworthy dynamism and spatial multifaceted nature.


The materials underline the idea of volumes conversely: for the storm cellar, indeed, we have settled on a stone of Trani while the upper volume is dealt with in plaster.A wooden deck on the ground floor coordinates with calcarenitic dim stone utilized as a part of the pathways.Particular consideration was paid to building vitality productivity, dynamic and latent procedures significantly diminishes the yearly utilization.


Exhibitions and outdoors settlement are given by even planes exactly cantilevered from a central access tower which invades the housetop plane; on of which sits a frameless glass fenced in territory offering get to and going about as a reference point. Lighting within this fenced in zone is actuated by a gage giving prompt information to the shoreline and past. This lit up glass piece sits on top of the strong stair focus. Amid the night the lit glass sparkles to exhibit neighborhood atmosphere conditions: green when atmosphere is sensible and red when ecological weight drops, forewarning passing yachtsmen of possible stormy conditions.

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