How To Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space

How To Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space

With fall in full swing and the winter holiday fast approaching, it’s time to decorate, renovate, or update your outdoor living space. The cold winter months make you want to stay indoors, which can limit your entertainment options. But you can still enjoy the outdoors without dealing with snow if you have a patio or gazebo.

The beginning of winter is also the ideal moment to start setting up your Christmas decorations if that is your thing. You can combine the patio redesign with your decoration installation, and this can be a fun family project. A reindeer and sleigh outdoor decoration is a superb way to light up your yard. You can even install the decoration on your roof if you have space limitations in the yard. Spending time outdoors is a healthy way to reduce stress, calm your nerves, and connect with your loved ones. Some people even have outdoor offices to help boost creativity and productivity.

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Here are a few ways to revamp your outdoor living space to make you want to spend time outside.    

Keep Warm

  • Fire 

A heat source is essential to ensure you stay warm while outside; you can install a fire pit or use an outdoor heater. If you choose a pit, you can use a gas fire pit, which will have less mess, but may accumulate in gas costs. Or go for the traditional outdoor fireplace. It’s expensive to install, but a worthwhile investment. A conventional fireplace also needs a large patio area. If you want a cheaper alternative, opt for a chiminea, which can come in different styles like clay or steel and is great for smaller spaces.

A fire pit table is cheaper to install and use than the classic wood fire pit, but it also creates a magical atmosphere. A heat source on your patio makes a focal point for the rest of your design. 

  • Blankets

Blankets are a versatile way to keep warm. You can also leave the throw blankets to decorate your couch and loveseats, along with some cozy cushions, and you have the perfect spot to curl up with a book or binge Netflix. Boiled wool blankets are trendy, come in great colors, and hold heat well. You can easily store extra blankets and move them from room to room with a basket. A warm rug will tie the room together and keep you warm. It’s the perfect addition to a cozy outdoor space. 

Cover The Patio

There are various ways to enclose your patio area; if done correctly, an enclosed patio or sunroom can add value to your home. One way of enclosing the patio is using a rolling mesh screen that you can control via a remote control. The mesh is typically installed vertically to the existing beams and runs on tracks placed on the beams. A mesh screen is versatile; it protects you from the cold and snow, but you can open it up for those warmer winter days. 


Lighting creates a beautiful ambiance in any room; your patio is no different. You can incorporate your Christmas decorations in your lighting design. You can use red globes or Santa-shaped lanterns; get creative. Your lighting should also be functional, for example, along the staircase and steps. Outdoor candles are a great addition to the dinner table and scented candles serve a dual purpose.  


Many seating options are available for all kinds of outdoor spaces, on a budget or extravagant. The idea is to accommodate everyone, from bean bags and small chairs for the kids to benches, lounge chairs, and benches for adults. 


Beautiful and colorful flowers like pansies can brighten your outside area; you can also plant hardy pot plants, like snowdrops and peonies. Suitable greenery can improve air quality and control moisture. You can also add your Christmas wreaths as part of your plant accessories.

Eating Area

Winter is no reason to stop using your grill; you can create an outdoor kitchen around your area. When designing your kitchen area, functionality is crucial and works with the space you have available. Take advantage of the fall weather and cook alfresco while some warm evenings remain.  

Plan for Activities

Don’t forget to include your children in your design. Create a play corner for them on a plush carpet. You could also add a television in your covered patio for watching games or creating an entertaining movie night. 


If you want your outdoor living space to amp up the atmosphere of your home, then you will need to do some planning and use those imaginative and creative designs you’ve been collecting. Most people assume that design is too expensive and time-consuming when it actually isn’t. Sometimes, it just means adding essential accessories or a centerpiece like a fireplace. 

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