GP House by Bitar Arquitectos

GP House by Bitar Arquitectos

Architects: Bitar Arquitectos
Location: Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico
Area: 516 sqm
Year: 2011
Photo courtesy: Leonardo Walther

GP House contains the fundamental spaces required for a townhouse: lounge, lounge area, rooms, family room, and so forth; disseminated in two stories associated by a staircase gathered in a vertical volume that breaks the horizontality that formally prevails the house.

gp-house-bitar-arquitectos_1The crossing point is made obvious by the utilization of a nearby stone as the completion for the staircase 3D shape, while whatever remains of the volume is planned in cement.


The principle room on the top floor and people in general zone (lounge room, lounge area and diversion room) contain the back veneer, which was completely encased in glass, so as to give daintiness to the solid structure. This likewise took into account these territories to keep their progression and to appreciate the perspective of the green, some way or another wiping out the visual hindrance between the two spaces, inside and outside. A reflecting pool delimits this veneer.


The twofold tallness parlor furnishes the space with a vibe of plentifulness; on it distends a volume that contains the TV room. This volume is on the top floor and is encased by a wooden grid, which offers protection to the space additionally permits regular light into the TV room.


The utilization of normal materials, for example, marble and stone for floors, prevails. A few dividers were done with these materials, some were done in concrete and some were painted in nonpartisan tones. To counter this, walnut was utilized for divider boards and entryways, which offers warmth to the space. Some metallic components are highlighted, similar to the cross-molded sections and the railings, particularly intended for this undertaking.


The lighting outline plans to conform to its fundamental capacity, as well as to tastefully underscore items, vegetation and exteriors. Arches were opened in particular zones to exploit normal lighting, which, alongside the picked materials, creates an intriguing play of light and shadow. GP House is a contemporary space composed by components.

gp-house-bitar-arquitectos_6 gp-house-bitar-arquitectos_7 gp-house-bitar-arquitectos_8 gp-house-bitar-arquitectos_9 gp-house-bitar-arquitectos_10 gp-house-bitar-arquitectos_11 gp-house-bitar-arquitectos_12 gp-house-bitar-arquitectos_f1 gp-house-bitar-arquitectos_planta_alta_byn gp-house-bitar-arquitectos_planta_baja_byn

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