Villa C by Studio Guilhem

Villa C by Studio Guilhem

Architects: Studio Guilhem
Location: Cannes, France
Area: 480 sqm
Year: 2012
Photo courtesy: Olivier Amsellem

Richard Guilhem, and his undertaking chief Denis Bodino, imagined and accomplished this excellent private living arrangement situated in Cannes-­‐La Californie. The Villa C, as it is named, indicates bot hits contrasts in this neighborhood and carefully incorporates the green setting.


The planners pick amazing straightforwardness and moderation. This geometrical formed building, with its exact lines astutely blends normal substances, for example, solid, stone, glass, and wood in accurate extents. The inside has evident characteristics of space and development around the porch, which is the real spinal columm of the building.


The yard, a cubic and straightforward structure, conveys an uncommon and beautiful note to every level of the estate. Truth be told, each building subtle element has been correctly broke down. The characteristic light is valurized in every room, by a progression of zenithal, flat, and vertical openings. The 480m2 of living space in this arrangement of rooms make it a perfect and present day sweet house.

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