C House by Sommet & Asociados

C House by Sommet & Asociados

Location: Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Area: 520 sqm

Year: 2012

Photo courtesy: Sebastián Fernández de Córdova Frerking


Urubó Hills is a picturesque landscape with native vegetation together with a wide and eclectic catalog of architecture. Such is the landscape that gives context to the Calderón House.c-house-sommet-asociados_03

Under a simple reading the project involves two horizontal volumes: the lowest one visually set back and anchored in the landscape; and the top one, set as if it were floating in the air.c-house-sommet-asociados_02

Material textures are essential components in the project. Stone and wood finishes are elements that beyond giving a reading between volumes, they provide this contemporary home with the sensibility of a traditional architecture environment.c-house-sommet-asociados_04

The ground floor houses the public and common spaces: living and dining room, kitchen, study, bathrooms and a gallery that makes for an outdoor ting space that connects its sights with a green garden holding a swimming pool that connects the house with the barbecue place.c-house-sommet-asociados_05 It is in this area that the service facilities are resolved without being perceived, consisting of a laundry area, a bedroom with bathroom and one bathroom for the pool area.


A floating staircase with wooden steps, located on the distribution hall of the ground floor, leads to a small family living room where natural light becomes the benchmark of vitality for the house. An interior garden bathes the wall with nuances of light and shadow providing added warmth to this space that serves as a link between the rooms of children and adults.

c-house-sommet-asociados_08 c-house-sommet-asociados_09 c-house-sommet-asociados_11 c-house-sommet-asociados_12 c-house-sommet-asociados_13 c-house-sommet-asociados_14 c-house-sommet-asociados_15 c-house-sommet-asociados_16 c-house-sommet-asociados_detail c-house-sommet-asociados_elevation c-house-sommet-asociados_ground_floor_plan c-house-sommet-asociados_section c-house-sommet-asociados_upper_floor_plan

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