M2 House by monovolume architecture + design

M2 House by monovolume architecture + design

Architects: monovolume architecture + design
Location: Bozen, Italy
Area: 190 sqm
Year: 2012
Photo courtesy: M&H Photostudio

The task M2 at Bozen-Moritzing is a Klimahouse A which has two housing on independent floors. In view of his punctuated exterior in the north and the east it appears to be shut to the frontage road. The put storm cellar serves as platform for the littler upper floor, which is secured by cladding sheets.

M2 House by monovolume architecture + design

To the patio nursery – towards the south and the west – the house opens in view of a liberal glass façade. The two pads are ensured against solid insolation in summer by overhanging rooftops. The roof of the storm cellar serves to the upper floor as a rooftop porch, though on the top of the upper floor is the photograph voltaic plant.


The condo have an immediate access from the underground auto park. A nonstop divider, which passes parallel to the outside dividers, isolates the night region from the day territory, which is swung to the glass façade. This makes an unmistakable partition in territories with distinctive lighting qualities.



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