De Wet 34 by SAOTA

De Wet 34 by SAOTA

Architects: SAOTA
Location: Bantry Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
Interior Design: OKHA Interiors – Adam Court
Year: 2012
Photo courtesy: Adam Letch, SAOTA

The site is situated in the heart of Bantry Bay in Cape Town, on the slants of Lion’s Head sitting above the narrows. The brief was to make a home with all the display of an Atlantic Seaboard show-stopper additionally to react to the viable needs of family life and to make a sentiment haven.

de-wet-34-saota-stefan-antoni-olmesdahl-truen-architects_dewet34_1a_int_102_lounge_002_saManufactured more than four stories, the living regions are open-arrangement yet have particular characters. A moderate weathered redwood and dark shale road façade opens on to a sculptural landing yard which thus prompts a passageway display. Sensational volume, expansive perspectives, model and crude compositions – rock, timber, concrete – are the foundations of this house, intended to frame a canvas for the setting and build up a patina after some time.


The Family room, set on the mountain side of the patio greenery enclosure, accommodates covered living while the two fold volume Living and Dining range as an afterthought is more emotional, with its undulating solid element chimney divider and instructing perspectives. This sea fronting segment is a taking off space tied down by cement and shake – a five-ton mixed drink bar of harsh cut stone holds down one side of the living space. Although – arranged, with the pool patio toward the west, the principle Living region additionally opens onto the yard garden on the east, with access to both by the method for sliding glass entryways which open up so totally that it’s minimal more than a roofed outside space.


One slips through a twofold volume ‘submerged’ chamber to the Bedroom floor and down another level to the Guest and Playroom regions.


The insides make a passionate and tactile voyage when traveling through the house. Furniture are negligible and lines are kept basic and impartial. By using a limited and crude base of surfaces and completes, the stylistic theme feels normal and quietly natural; the general vibe is one of quiet and tranquility. Shading is kept to an absolute minimum; the inside works transcendently with a light and shade tonal reach, permitting perspectives of the mountain, the sea and sky, furthermore the fine art to present the colour.


de-wet-34-saota-stefan-antoni-olmesdahl-truen-architects_dewet34_1a_int_102_lounge_011_al de-wet-34-saota-stefan-antoni-olmesdahl-truen-architects_dewet34_1a_int_102_lounge_012_sa de-wet-34-saota-stefan-antoni-olmesdahl-truen-architects_dewet34_1a_int_103_terrace_002a_al de-wet-34-saota-stefan-antoni-olmesdahl-truen-architects_dewet34_1a_int_106_staircase_001_al de-wet-34-saota-stefan-antoni-olmesdahl-truen-architects_dewet34_1a_int_gf002_atrium_001_al de-wet-34-saota-stefan-antoni-olmesdahl-truen-architects_dewet34_1a_int_gf003_masterbedroom_001_sa de-wet-34-saota-stefan-antoni-olmesdahl-truen-architects_dewet34_1a_int_gf003_masterbedroom_002_sa de-wet-34-saota-stefan-antoni-olmesdahl-truen-architects_dewet34_1a_int_gf003_masterbedroom_002a_sa de-wet-34-saota-stefan-antoni-olmesdahl-truen-architects_dewet34_1a_int_gf004_masterbathroom_002_sa

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