Villa P by LOVE architecture and urbanism

Villa P by LOVE architecture and urbanism

Architects: LOVE architecture and urbanism 
Location: Waltendorf Graz, Austria
Area: 180.7 sqm
Year: 2010
Photos: Jasmin Schuller 

The site – a generally soak slope – offers a staggering perspective over Graz. This scene additionally gave the fundamental managing guideline to the configuration. One extra objective was to give direct access to the patio nursery.


Because of the extremely soak slant, this objective really worked in spite of the point of expanding the all encompassing perspective.


The upper level, which is situated totally towards the awesome perspective, contains the greater part of the living space, while the lower level houses the specialist’s office and abutting rooms. This format gives an unmistakable partition of living and working spaces, including separate passageways.


The upper level components two open porches – one confronting south and west, which gives an augmentation of the lounge room and the youngsters’ rooms, and one confronting north and east, which is an expansion of the room and restroom and manages to some degree more protection. An extremely wide outside staircase with sitting steps unites the upper level and the greenhouse, in this way joining the living space and the greenery enclosure into a natural entirety.


A pool is situated before the building and interfaces with the garage. The pool and garage together give a reasonable fringe between the property and the road, in this manner expanding the protection of the property.


Along these lines, a concordant outfit is made – a play of social butterfly and contemplative person, of vicinity and separation, which expands the qualities of the property, while at the same time offering privacy.

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