Edit and Post Architecture Photos on Instagram Like a PRO

Edit and Post Architecture Photos on Instagram Like a PRO

There is always something to learn to get more engagement on Instagram. This time we will talk about how to take your photos to the next level with the best working editing and posting techniques.

When editing your images, you want them to have a unique style that helps your feed stand out from the crowd. When posting your photos, you want to achieve the most engagement you possibly can. This article is just about that.

How to Edit Photos for Instagram?

The fastest route for quality images on Instagram is to use Lightroom presets. Choose from the trendiest looks on 123Presets. All you need to do is to choose the look that you like, get the preset and apply it to your images. Immediately, you will be able to take your photos to the next level.

Check Your Exposure

We usually take photos in different lighting conditions. Hence, you want to adjust your exposure. It’s usually better to take a darker image because then you can bring the details back. However, you don’t want your images to be too dark either. Many architecture photos are made close to the sunset because of the nice colourful sky and that could be tricky sometimes.

Bring Your Highlights Down

In many cases it is good to bring your highlights down because that is how you save all the details from your image. For example, your sky looks more natural because you can see the clouds.

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Get Rid of Orange and Yellow Tones

Lightroom mobile app makes it easy for you to decrease the orange and yellow tones without losing other colors’ vibrancy. You usually want to make your orange color less saturated because it may make your skin look unnatural.

With yellow tones it is a little bit different. Sure, the pictures look better without them. However, it really matters if you have blonde hair. In that case you definitely don’t want to have your hair yellow.

How to Architecture photos or Photos in general on Instagram?

It’s not enough to just post quality content on Instagram. You need to make sure that it is seen. The more seen it is and the more engagement it achieves, the more other people will notice it as well.

Paid ads are the obvious shortcut. However, you can still try to reach your audience the organic way. If that’s the route that you choose, make sure that you engage with the followers and try to find new ones by commenting on their images and stories.

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Use Vertical Images

It’s not a secret that vertical images work better on Instagram. They simply have more space to be shown. If you don’t have a vertical image, just crop the image. Ideally, you want to cut your images size 4×5. Also, if you are posting images from your camera, you will want to optimize their size. That way you will achieve the best quality image on Instagram; this is a great tip for editing Instagram post.

Choose the Right Times to Post Your Images

Check your insights (you can do that if you have a business account) and post images when your followers are the most active. In most cases it’s early morning or late at night. After the lunch hour it usually reaches less engagement.

Engage with Your Followers

Just before posting a new post, take your time and like others’ images. When you do so, go to their profile and like a lot of multiple images. That way when they open their account they will most definitely notice that.

Another important thing you could do is to write genuine comments under their images. These comments should be at least 5 words long and related either to their photo or their caption.

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