Fifth Avenue Residence by O’Neill Architecture

Fifth Avenue Residence by O’Neill Architecture

Architects: O’Neill Architecture
Location: Bardon, Queensland, Australia
Year: 2014
Area: 4,306 sqft / 400 sqm
Photo courtesy: Scott Burrows

The house is intended to augment adaptability for a developed family with incredible access to daylight and a heap of spaces for social event or private reflection. Settled amongst the regular magnificence of Bardon and offering city sees from the front, this particular home has been intended to suit the lay of the area. The structure patios down the precarious inclining site, minimizing the visual effect on the neighbours and streetscape.


The way of the site and the requirement for daylight directed basically two houses connected however a western lobby, isolated by an east-bound patio and the project for the house adjusted to this partition with the “front” house containing grown-up children and home workplaces, with the “back” house committed to the primary living ranges, folks’ room and the lap pool and amusement zones.


This partition considers introduction to both city and bramble sees with a focal secured yard for living. The house is intended to boost adaptability for a developed family with awesome access to daylight and a bunch of spaces for social occasion or private reflection.

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