Chestnut Hill Modern Renovation by Hammer Architects

Chestnut Hill Modern Renovation by Hammer Architects

Architects: Hammer Architects
Location: Brookline, Massachusetts, USA
Year: 2015
Area: 1,700 sqft / 158 sqm
Photo courtesy: Peter Vanderwarcker & Mark Hammer

Planned by mid-century cutting edge engineers Nathaniel Saltonstall and Oliver Morton, the building was developed as a pool house and workmanship studio on a huge domain in the Chestnut Hill Historic District of Brookline. Utilizing a moderate approach, the structure is contained a straightforward post and bar steel outline.


A late division of the property permitted the present proprietors to buy the building with the expectation of transforming it into a two-room home. Working inside of the current eight-foot basic lattice, Hammer Architects made another lounge, lounge area, kitchen, two rooms, and bathrooms inside the current shell.


The outcome is a minimal 1,700 square foot living arrangement. To keep the house from feeling compelled, Hammer Architects built up an inside arrangement with long observable pathways through the extensive dividers of glass in the primary living spaces. These perspectives open to the repaired 1950s pool, a huge yard and broad finishing to make a vaporous and far reaching home.

Chestnut-Hill-Modern-Renovation-by-Hammer-Architects-03 Chestnut-Hill-Modern-Renovation-by-Hammer-Architects-04 Chestnut-Hill-Modern-Renovation-by-Hammer-Architects-05 Chestnut-Hill-Modern-Renovation-by-Hammer-Architects-06 Chestnut-Hill-Modern-Renovation-by-Hammer-Architects-07 Chestnut-Hill-Modern-Renovation-by-Hammer-Architects-08 Chestnut-Hill-Modern-Renovation-by-Hammer-Architects-09 Chestnut-Hill-Modern-Renovation-by-Hammer-Architects-10 Chestnut-Hill-Modern-Renovation-by-Hammer-Architects-11 Chestnut-Hill-Modern-Renovation-by-Hammer-Architects-12 Chestnut-Hill-Modern-Renovation-by-Hammer-Architects-13 Chestnut-Hill-Modern-Renovation-by-Hammer-Architects-14 Chestnut-Hill-Modern-Renovation-by-Hammer-Architects-15

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