Canticle modern residence in the historic center of Lucca by Studiòvo

Canticle modern apartment in the historical center of Lucca by Studiòvo

Architects: Studiòvo
Location: Lucca, Italy
Year: 2015
Area: 1,292 sqft / 120 sqm
Photo courtesy: Studiòvo

Interest and verse. The advance of the most recent innovation in the idyllic setting of the notable focus of Lucca. A tune mixing antiquated and advanced tunes, a “Canticle”: the fresh out of the box new habitation in the heart of one of Italy’s most entrancing medieval focuses. A helpful, prestigious bouncing off point, in any season of the year, for investigating Lucca and surely all of Tuscany while remaining nearby to Versilia’s astounding ocean side. For those of us who comprehend traveling as an emotive extravagance experience.


“Canticle” offers plentiful spaces: a 120-square-meter (1,291-square-foot) inside subdivided into a living territory, two twofold rooms, two showers, a hammam, and a gigantic porch that undertakings the home out over the city for (in addition to other things) a mind blowing 360° perspective of the Lucca city dividers and the expansive encompassing swathe of green. “We propose decorations that “break” with the fantastic setting of the notable focus,” clarify Marco Vincenzi and Andrea Caturegli of Studiòvo, the architects of the insides and the patio, and Amerigo Giannoni, of Officine 3076, the general contractual worker for the work. “We put resources into lighting as a focal component and we have given each and every thing making up the furniture a character: embellishing, positively, additionally – or more all – practical.”


The lighting undertaking is perplexing, considered to offer numerous alternatives for regulating an extraordinary number of lighting parameters to make changing situations through the span of the day and in each distinctive space of the home. Much more noteworthy consideration, were that conceivable, was brought with the decorations: everything is made to gauge! Like the terrific kitchen, planned by Studiòvo, with its surfaces depicting a bizarre, continuous bend. A magnum opus of master joinery that put the aptitudes of the Officine 3076 craftspeople to the test: they constructed the furniture as well as were in charge of fitting them, similar to a hand into a glove, into the unfinished shell of the home. The kitchen additionally includes innovative expert apparatuses and is constantly supplied with a determination of regular, quality nearby nourishment and wine items to welcome visitors’ landing.


The prevailing hues are white and dove dim, flawless backups to the materials, which incorporate oak and regular cloth for the fabrics and window ornaments. Every room is furnished with a most recent era Smart TV, reasonable through iPad (on account of a customized application) from any side of the home – simply like the link sound framework. The two showers impart through the hamman/shower region, with its bioethanol-let go hearth that sets a contemporary state of mind.


The porch, exceptional in its class, offers a captivating perspective of the tree-studded Lucca city dividers from three sides and is outfitted for aggregate unwinding with a teak solarium and warmed vastness edge minipool with hydromassage and chromotherapy ability.


Arriving is simple. Regardless of its area inside the border of the Renaissance dividers, the home is available via auto by means of a direct urban course. From the underground carport with saved parking spots, a lift takes visitors straightforwardly to the flat. Border and volumetric alert frameworks, coordinated cooling, and in-floor warming are the completing touches to special “Canticle” home – for a five-star accommodation in Lucca.

Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-06 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-07 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-08 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-09 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-10 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-11 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-12 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-13 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-14 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-15 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-16 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-17 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-18 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-19 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-20 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-21 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-22 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-23 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-24 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-25 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-26 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-27 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-28 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-29 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-30 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-31 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-32 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-33 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-34 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-35 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-36 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-37 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-38 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-39 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-40 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-41 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-42 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-43 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-44 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-45 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-46 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-47 Canticle-modern-apartment-in-the-historical-center-of-Lucca-by-Studiòvo-48

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