Walter Street Terrace by David Boyle Architect

Walter Street Terrace by David Boyle Architect

Architects: David Boyle Architect
Location: Bondi Junction, SydneyNew South Wales, Australia
Year: 2014
Area: 1.259 sqft / 117 sqm
Photo courtesy: Brigid Arnott

On a tight urban piece in Bondi Junction, this expansion to a little specialists cabin is similar to a titan three dimensional riddle. Without any perspectives, circumscribed by porch houses on every side and a 10m high divider on its northern back limit, this site is intensely landlocked with restricted access to daylight, viewpoint and space. The house frames part of a line in a legacy protection zone including extra arranging imperatives. New work is to be at the back, disguised from the road, and, beneath the front edge line, practically ruling out extra building foot shaped impression and mass. Our brief was to encourage the adaptability of utilization as either a 3 room house or for our customer to use for her brain research hone.


A progression of voluminous interlinked spaces have been included inside of the accessible building envelope to catch the light and amplify the impression of every space. The family room is the way to the house. It is fabricated to both side limits taking advantage of the 5m wide site. An unforeseen 4.3m high roof includes greatly required inward volume and outwardly interface encompassing spaces. This roof stretches out back as a solitary even plane over an upper level washroom and room, to the current edge, then takes after the rooftop incline down to the front entryway. The mezzanine room spans over the corridor with open dividers at every end to manage the cost of obtained volume and ventilation.


A piercing sky facing window at the southern end of the lounge room compasses the full width of the site and acts like a sun scoop to direct northern daylight in mid winter profound into the house, reflected off the interior mass of the room and through the stair to the lobby.


The kitchen and porch are considered as a solitary space with the floor material and roof levels separated from the front room. The roof stretches out over the patio to mostly cover the neighboring divider and has been developed around a current palm tree. This turns into the point of convergence in the patio nursery and for deciding the abnormal state window situation to the family room. A patio nearby the restroom gives perspective and in addition northern light to the rooms and guide cross ventilation to the lounge.


The material palette is basic and strong and obscures the limits between inside, outside and abutting structures. Reused block dividers and flooring interface the house to the neighboring divider, in this manner obscuring the degree of possession and cadastral limits. Inner openings between rooms, substantial sliding entryways and screens, the utilization of shading, and the augmentation of materials and joinery between distinctive rooms further expand saw spatial limits, making the house appear to be bigger than it is.


The arranging bears adaptability of utilization for our customer’s brain science hone where customers can reflect preceding session in the lounge room and plant. Expansive sliding entryways at the highest point of the stairs permit the mezzanine room to be utilized as an auxiliary sitting space if necessary.

Walter-Street-Terrace-by-David-Boyle-Architect-06 Walter-Street-Terrace-by-David-Boyle-Architect-07 Walter-Street-Terrace-by-David-Boyle-Architect-08 Walter-Street-Terrace-by-David-Boyle-Architect-09 Walter-Street-Terrace-by-David-Boyle-Architect-10 Walter-Street-Terrace-by-David-Boyle-Architect-11 Walter-Street-Terrace-by-David-Boyle-Architect-12 Walter-Street-Terrace-by-David-Boyle-Architect-13 Walter-Street-Terrace-by-David-Boyle-Architect-14 Walter-Street-Terrace-by-David-Boyle-Architect-15 Walter-Street-Terrace-by-David-Boyle-Architect-16 Walter-Street-Terrace-by-David-Boyle-Architect-17 Walter-Street-Terrace-by-David-Boyle-Architect-18

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