Simple Small Single-family home by scapelab

Simple Small Single-family home by scapelab

Architects: scapelab
Location: Kropa, Slovenia
Year: 2013
Area: 2.153 sqft / 200 sqm
Photo courtesy: Bor Dobrin

The straightforward house is a task for a little single-family home in the beautiful zone of Kropa, Slovenia. The essential state of the house is model – a spotless volume with a pitched rooftop. The size and extents of the house are identified with the old farmhouses in the environment. This perfect, dreamy customary volume is wrapped in a contemporary envelope, which covers every one of the windows and loggias, making a mysterious, austere outside.


The envelope is dreamy through an example of lines – flat lines of wooden louvers on the southern and northern veneer and the ground floor, and vertical lines of metal joins on the rooftop. The louvers on the northern and southern veneer serve as a shroud, and shield the family from individuals investigating the house, yet in the meantime permit perspectives of the encompassing scene. The louvers can be open or shut contingent upon the climate and the temperament of the inhabitants.


The house was developed from natural and conservative materials which require almost no upkeep. The house is built from pre-assembled wooden casings, which were collected nearby in a matter of days. The rooftop and veneer are made of zinc sheet metal and wood, which require next to no upkeep.


The house is low-tech in nature – sun oriented warmth gatherers on the rooftop and the focal warming plant are the main innovative components. Regardless of absence of constrained ventilation of extraordinary envelope seals the running expenses are low.


The circulation of spaces is exceptionally utilitarian, in view of a “corridorless” outline, with spaces easily association with one another. The outside of the house is utilized relying upon the climate and state of mind of the inhabitants – to cite the proprietor: “In the colder days, we utilize the southern porch. In summer, we escape the warmth in the shade of the northern patio. For the most part, we continue everything open, and convey all through the house. Also, some of the time, on the off chance that we need security, we essentially wrap ourselves in our little case and unwind.

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