AE House by twentyfourseven

AE House by twentyfourseven

Architects: twentyfourseven
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Year: 2010
Area: 817 sqm
Photo courtesy: Pim Shalkwijk

AE house is an investigation on security and materiality, the house is arranged in Lomas de Chapultepec, in Mexico City, and comprises of three levels set on a 800 m2/8,611 sq ft site. The house utilizes the limitations as a part of the urban arrangement further bolstering its good fortune in the position of the interior spaces, testing the run of the mill designs of comparative plots in the range. The venture offers a distinct option for the unified volumes that are shut and without association to their destinations and looking outwards through divider encased porches.


The proposition of the displacing so as to undertake changes this connection a thick volume to the back of the site while a slight volume is pulled forward, making by such an activity a cross graph that takes into consideration porches to rise with perspectives, light and normal ventilation of the spaces. The crossing point of both volumes makes a focal void where the association between the diverse volumes opens up to the sky.


The plan is characterized further by lifting the back volume and making a family lounge room that turns into the most intriguing space of the house, set in the middle of the frontal greenhouse and a back rock porch. In this space the full length of 40 mts/131 ft of the site can be experienced, building up an ordinary relationship between within spaces and the outer arranged patio nursery.


The situation of spaces takes after the useful prerequisites of the customers with three living spaces obviously characterized while trying to make a straightforward and clear plan of association. A social zone at the passage to the house is contained inside of a white solid box that opens along the side to the prolonged greenery enclosure, and in reverse to an overflowed porch, while being fluidly open to the course inside of the house. The kitchen and administrations are put in a position in which they identify with both the formal and the ordinary feasting spaces.


The family room opposite to the first piece performs numerous capacities for the regular life of the family and in this sense it was the craving of the customers to wind up one of the fundamental drivers of the venture, communicating another method for living. The private zone in the third floor comprises of rooms which on account of the situation of the house gain sees and long viewpoints to the rich vegetation of the range characterized by Jacarandas and Palm trees. The administrations are put in the cellar in a practical game plan while In the lower floor, security is arranged by dividers and wooden sliding entryways that take into consideration a separating of spatial qualities. In the upper floor the position of the house as a cross takes into consideration security in the rooms inside of the site as it uncovered a base front towards the road.


Introduction, perspectives and protection are the fundamental powers that characterize the structure, while the sexy and tasteful states of the materials utilized investigate the tectonic cooperation between the spaces made by the crossing point of spaces and volumes. The undertaking sought to make a house where the communication of this powers incite an exotic and passionate experience of diverse spatial conditions.


We sought to make an exquisite answer for the state of livability incorporating the patio nursery to the house in a path in which the family room turns out to be a piece of the greenery enclosure scene, making an easygoing space that is open, tranquil and coordinated to the outside in a route in which diverges from the day by day experience of the city.

AE-House-05 AE-House-06 AE-House-07-1 AE-House-07 AE-House-08-1 AE-House-08 AE-House-09 AE-House-10 AE-House-11 AE-House-17 AE-House-18 AE-House-19-1 AE-House-19 AE-House-20 AE-House-21 AE-House-22 AE-House-23-1 AE-House-23 AE-House-24-1 AE-House-24 AE-House-25 AE-House-31 AE-House-32-1 AE-House-32-2 AE-House-33 AE-House-34 AE-House-40 AE-House-41 AE-House-42 AE-House-43 AE-House-44

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