Collector’s Loft in San Antonio by Poteet Architects

Collector’s Loft in San Antonio by Poteet Architects

Location: San Antonio, Texas, USA
Area: 19,200 sqft
Photo courtesy: Chris Cooper, Paul Bardagjy, Colleen Duffley, Poteet Architects

Both old structure and new interventions are rendered in white, emphasizing the textural contrast of the existing masonry and board-formed concrete with the new walls, luminous epoxy floors and lacquered cabinetry. On the lower level, where the main living spaces are located, tall skylight shafts and inset porches, created by steel and glass partitions, bring diffuse light deep into the space.


The upper level is treated as a series of galleries, including a black box theater for video art and a soaring 18’ tall gallery created by cutting away the existing concrete structure. On the landscaped roof level, the raised volume of the tall gallery, clad in corten, is a spectacular space for entertaining.

Collector-Loft-in-San-Antonio-02 Collector-Loft-in-San-Antonio-03 Collector-Loft-in-San-Antonio-04 Collector-Loft-in-San-Antonio-05 Collector-Loft-in-San-Antonio-06 Collector-Loft-in-San-Antonio-07 Collector-Loft-in-San-Antonio-08 Collector-Loft-in-San-Antonio-09 Collector-Loft-in-San-Antonio-11 Collector-Loft-in-San-Antonio-12 Collector-Loft-in-San-Antonio-13 Collector-Loft-in-San-Antonio-14 Collector-Loft-in-San-Antonio-16 Collector-Loft-in-San-Antonio-21 Collector-Loft-in-San-Antonio-22 Collector-Loft-in-San-Antonio-23 Collector-Loft-in-San-Antonio-24 Collector-Loft-in-San-Antonio-25

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