Salutati II duplex apartment by ACABADOMATE

Salutati II duplex apartment by ACABADOMATE

Location: Milan, Italy
Year: 2014
Area: 2,153 sqft / 200 sqm
Photo courtesy: Marcela Grassi

The undertaking connections two habitativas units of a multifamily lodging building of the ’70s Salutati road in Milan. The second floor had been improved in 2011, while the third floor kept the first settings.


By uniting the two plants, the circulation of both changes fundamentally. In focal and darkest of the plant is the staircase so it is noticeable from the front room: the progressions of illustrious blue shading is seen through a cross section Wood, on the second floor the day territory is found a roomy living/lounge area, a study/visitor room and the kitchen with a pantry and connected lavatory. On the third floor room of kids, joined through a sliding entryway, making a roundabout appropriation around the step, including the wide lobby to play space; the main room is outlined as a liquid and open space where just the shower and toilets are fixed with translucent entryways.


The task keeps up and improves a few targets as of now in the first change, for example, the advancement of light and ventilation, outwardly interfacing the two exteriors in the day, the opening of “windows” inside situations to expand it outwardly, and indroduce new components, for example, wooden blinds to produce open and liquid spaces without losing protection.

Salutati-II-duplex-apartment-by-ACABADOMATE-03 Salutati-II-duplex-apartment-by-ACABADOMATE-04 Salutati-II-duplex-apartment-by-ACABADOMATE-05 Salutati-II-duplex-apartment-by-ACABADOMATE-06 Salutati-II-duplex-apartment-by-ACABADOMATE-07 Salutati-II-duplex-apartment-by-ACABADOMATE-08 Salutati-II-duplex-apartment-by-ACABADOMATE-09 Salutati-II-duplex-apartment-by-ACABADOMATE-10 Salutati-II-duplex-apartment-by-ACABADOMATE-11

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