Cheval Blanc Randheli Hotel in the Maldives

Cheval Blanc Randheli Hotel in the Maldives

Location: Maldives
Photo courtesy: Cheval Blanc Randheli Hotel

Cheval Blanc Randheli features a contemporary vision of the Maldives. Architect Jean-Michel Gathy has conceived one-of-a-kind spaces skillfully combining local traditions and finest materials to create a stunning experience, in complete harmony with its pristine natural surroundings.


Bathed by the turquoise waters of Noonu atoll, Randheli is a true haven of lush vegetation. Here, century-old palm trees shelter delicate ephemeral flowers creating a luxuriantly verdant décor which changes with every son to provide a renewed sense of discovery time and over again.


All villas feature an architectural sequence of 7-meter (23-foot) high doors which create a spectacular sense of space. With a subtle combination of Maldivian inspirations and contemporary sensitivity, every villa offers a distinctive residential experience bolstered by a unique, eye-catching art work. Spectacular living areas appeal to farniente and relaxation.


Countless courtesies and treats enhance each guests’ stay to make every day very special. In a naturally warm and considerate manner, Ambassadeurs know how to remain discreet when needed or be thoughtfully involved in order to anticipate and fulfill guests’ wishes.


Swimming in a 12.5-meter-long (41-foot-long) private pool, sunbathing on one’s private white-sand beach, a live-cooking dinner in the garden, relaxing on a daybed on the pontoon right over the lagoon – are just some of the many memorable experiences guests can enjoy in the intimacy of their villa. As for the rest, the Maison’s Alchemist team, genuine experience designers, is there to fulfill every guests’ wishes – an improvised dinner on a dhoni, a yoga class followed by an exclusive Guerlain treatment in the Spa, a diving trip for the entire family or an unforgettable discovery expedition for the little ones, to name just a few of the many magic moments the Cheval Blanc Randheli has to offer.

Cheval-Blanc-Randheli-Hotel-in-the-Maldives-05 Cheval-Blanc-Randheli-Hotel-in-the-Maldives-06 Cheval-Blanc-Randheli-Hotel-in-the-Maldives-07 Cheval-Blanc-Randheli-Hotel-in-the-Maldives-08 Cheval-Blanc-Randheli-Hotel-in-the-Maldives-09 Cheval-Blanc-Randheli-Hotel-in-the-Maldives-10 Cheval-Blanc-Randheli-Hotel-in-the-Maldives-11 Cheval-Blanc-Randheli-Hotel-in-the-Maldives-12 Cheval-Blanc-Randheli-Hotel-in-the-Maldives-13 Cheval-Blanc-Randheli-Hotel-in-the-Maldives-14 Cheval-Blanc-Randheli-Hotel-in-the-Maldives-15 Cheval-Blanc-Randheli-Hotel-in-the-Maldives-16 Cheval-Blanc-Randheli-Hotel-in-the-Maldives-17 Cheval-Blanc-Randheli-Hotel-in-the-Maldives-18Cheval-Blanc-Randheli-Hotel-in-the-Maldives-19 Cheval-Blanc-Randheli-Hotel-in-the-Maldives-20

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