House M by monovolume architecture + design

House M by monovolume architecture + design

Architects: monovolume architecture + design
Location: Meran, Italy
Year: 2012
Photo courtesy:  monovolume architecture + design

The M project, a private building in the focal point of Meran, is implanted in the quit range of Obermais. The outline’s idea was it to play with straightforward and strong surfaces what fallows entrancing bits of knowledge and viewpoints. The inside melts together with the outside space.

House M by monovolume architecture + design

The territory moves through the building and discovers his reestablishment in the pool-and glade range. On account of a refined outer configuration and the game plan of the pool, yard, garden and house the entire idea appears like a solidarity with mless move.


The ground floor takes after the somewhat slanting ground like a staircase to get a substantial patio nursery range. On account of designing innovation contemplations the building is considered as a smaller volume with one underground and two upper floors. From the development perspective the house is assembled as a solid development, outfitted with redesigned protection. The glass-veneer, entryway and window components are executed as 3 layered glazier.

House-M-03 House-M-04 House-M-06 House-M-07 House-M-08 House-M-09 House-M-10 (1) House-M-10 House-M-10a House-M-10b House-M-11 House-M-12 House-M-13 House-M-14 House-M-15 House-M-16 House-M-17 House-M-18 House-M-19 House-M-20 House-M-21 House-M-22 House-M-23 House-M-24 House-M-25 House-M-26 (1) House-M-26 House-M-27 House-M-28 House-M-29 House-M-30 House-M-31 House-M-32 House-M-33 House-M-34 House-M-35 House-M-36 House-M-37 House-M-38

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