Chalet Dent Blanche

Chalet Dent Blanche

Location: Verbier,Valais, Switzerland
Photo courtesy: Firefly Collection

Walking into Chalet Dent Blanche is a bit like taking a glug of rich hot chocolate: comforting, and soul-warming. Just the sight of all those chunky wooden beams and a roaring fire makes you want to sink into a big squashy sofa immediately, feet up, vin chaud in hand.


Hidden away in the trees with several balconies looking out onto a dramatic mountain vista, luxury ski chalet Dent Blanche is also just 2 minutes from the centre of town. The main ski lift and Verbier’s renowned après-ski scene are just moments away, yet it’s just as easy to escape from the buzz and enjoy the chalet’s serene setting.


Inside, wood dominates, with deep fluffy rugs and faux fur cushions thrown in, as well as contemporary paintings and artefacts. Natural light floods the main living space, while in the décor, deep, dark colours meet shades of cream.


Pleasingly rustic, Chalet Dent Blanche is also modern in all the right ways, with a Creston entertainment system, private cinema and fabulous indoor infinity pool and spa.


Forget about having to do anything, either. Your driver will take you where to need to go. Housekeeping will pick up discarded ski jackets and gloves. Your host will fix the drinks, and your private chef will toil away in the kitchen preparing food just how you want it, when you want it.


And for anything extra (private ski lessons, restaurant reservations, perhaps an après-ski visit from a masseur), your concierge will make the all arrangements.


A family Christmas here would be postcard-perfect. A party of friends would work just as well. This kind of snow-kissed luxury is what ski holidays are all about.

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