20th St. Residence in San Francisco by Mork Ulnes Architects

20th St. Residence in San Francisco by Mork Ulnes Architects

Architects: Mork Ulnes Architects
Location: San Francisco, California, USA
Year: 2011
Area: 1.620 sqft / 151 sqm
Photo courtesy: Bruce Damonte

This remodel speaks to flighty materials’ ability to lift a task generally tightened by a modest spending plan and arranging investigation. With a basic to make an effect on the outside yet stay inside of the city’s protection and zoning prerequisites, a matte dark cladding, normally utilized on skateboarding inclines, wraps the house’s current two-levels.


The habitation’s social capacities are moved into a vertical penthouse expansion with clearing sees. A hand-penetrated, operable steel screen serves as an overhang and diffuses light to pervade the penthouse with a lively environment.


The same slopes that balance the home to have all encompassing perspectives likewise make a quite soak lawn. This sectional condition is commended as it empowers an association straightforwardly from the third floor to the back patio nursery by means of a steel catwalk.

20th-St.-Residence-in-San-Francisco-by-Mork-Ulnes-Architects-03 20th-St.-Residence-in-San-Francisco-by-Mork-Ulnes-Architects-04 20th-St.-Residence-in-San-Francisco-by-Mork-Ulnes-Architects-05 20th-St.-Residence-in-San-Francisco-by-Mork-Ulnes-Architects-06 20th-St.-Residence-in-San-Francisco-by-Mork-Ulnes-Architects-07 20th-St.-Residence-in-San-Francisco-by-Mork-Ulnes-Architects-08 20th-St.-Residence-in-San-Francisco-by-Mork-Ulnes-Architects-09 20th-St.-Residence-in-San-Francisco-by-Mork-Ulnes-Architects-10 20th-St.-Residence-in-San-Francisco-by-Mork-Ulnes-Architects-11 20th-St.-Residence-in-San-Francisco-by-Mork-Ulnes-Architects-12 20th-St.-Residence-in-San-Francisco-by-Mork-Ulnes-Architects-13 20th-St.-Residence-in-San-Francisco-by-Mork-Ulnes-Architects-14

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