4 Tips For Turning Your Dream Closet Into a Reality

4 Tips For Turning Your Dream Closet Into a Reality

Does the idea of having a beautiful, luxurious closet seem appealing to you?

Do you feel envious when you look at your favourite movie star or celebrity’s closet?

Well don’t waste another moment feeling envy. If you really want an amazing closet then it’s possible. 


1. Create a vision board using pinterest

Since we are talking about your dream closet, you probably  have an idea of how you want it to look. So head on over to pinterest and create a board full of inspiration from closets that you like. 

2. Identify Your Needs

Now that you have an idea of the types of designs and styles that interest you, it’s time to start identifying the differences between wants and needs. So analyze how you’re currently using your closet and take a look around at the rest of your house to see if there’s any clutter being caused by something that would be better off in your closet. 

3. Calculate your budget. 

Most people are going to be working on a tight budget. But if you really want to create a dream closet then you’re going to have to make some sacrifices. If you’re lucky enough to be able to hire a professional closet designer then take the time to view their work and choose one that has experience building closets in the style that you’re going for. If you cannot afford a designer there’s a few things you should know. 

4. How to Efficiently Use Space

It’s a fact that not all of us have a wildly huge space dedicated to building a closet.

This is the reason why you should optimally use the space that you have for your closet.

If you have enough room to build a walk-in closet, plan the space accordingly. And if there isn’t that much space, remember that you may have a lot of stuff (including the mirrors) to fit into the available area. Furthermore, see if there’s a part of your room or hallway that you remove or change so that you can have two closets.  

5. Cabinets for your closet will be expensive. 

Often times the most expensive part of a closet is the cabinets. The difference between cheap cabinets and luxurious cabinets is night and day. If you shell out for high end cabinetry you can get away with cutting corners elsewhere. You find cheap lighting and other hardware if you look hard enough. Eventually you replace the cheap parts with luxurious parts as long as the foundation of your closet is actually made with high quality materials. 

6. Learn from the pros. 

If you can’t afford a closet designer then you can still learn from them. Check out companies like Studio Haus and  Closet Factory  to see how they do it. 

Final words

If you’re really passionate about something there is always a way to make it happen. Just get one piece at a time, be patient, and learn from the pros. You can do it. 

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