7 Ways to Feng Shui your Home Office

7 Ways to Feng Shui your Home Office


If you’re working home-based, the quality of your indoor environment greatly influences your productivity and satisfaction at work. Many believe that one way to kick-start your workspace better than ever is through following feng shui.

Good feng shui isn’t only visually appealing, but it can also drive better energy. The better the energy at your desk and in your entire home office, the better the quality of your work energy and efficiency. Here are seven ways to feng shui your home office.

Let Light and Air in

Let the natural light and fresh air penetrate and circulate in your space. Based on many feng shui principles, doing so allows natural energy into your space. This action has been scientifically proven, as well. Generally, clean air eliminates domestic pollutants, which can negatively affect both your health and, eventually, your work.

Research also shows that natural light can increase our work productivity. Otherwise, place a  light fixture. In feng shui, it is recommended to place your chosen light source to your upper left—the wealth feng shui Bagua (more of this later) spot of your desk.


Place Air Purifying Plants

In addition to allowing natural energy in your workspace, placing real plants, like bamboo, English ivy, Boston ferns, and rubber trees, can enhance any office energy by naturally cleaning the air, improving communication, and lowering stress.

The most popular feng shui cure is the crystals. Not only are they great air-purifying plants, but they are also visually suitable for your office. Placing these plants in a stunning pot can maximize their effect on your desk.


Choose the Right Color for Your Desk

Every color has its respective meaning in feng shui. In interior designing, the colors of the vintage metal sign, picture frames, tapestries, or even the hooks can affect the overall mood of your space. The same goes for the effect of your desk color on your work performance.

According to this geomantic practice, a brown-colored desk provides a sense of nourishment and comfort in our body. If you’re looking for something on how to be revitalized and creative, opt for a desk in green color.

A desk in simple white shade or gray facilitates focus, clarity, and discipline, which, however,  can be energy-draining for some people. The same goes for a black-colored table, which promotes concentration and open-mindedness.


Select the Right Material for Your Desk

Many feng shui experts have always recommended a rectangular wooden desk. The wood material brings and, at the same time, cultivates a vibrant and nourishing quality of energy. As mentioned earlier, the more energy in your room, the more likely you’ll be productive be in your work.


Opt for the Right Shape

Not only the colors and shapes of your desk but also its shape should be considered, according to feng shui. The right shape depends on whatever your work goal you are trying to achieve.

An L-shape doesn’t have many features in feng shui, but it can be good when put in the best feng shui command position (more of this later). Also, both square and round shapes are the least preferable shape choices for a table. In feng shui, a square desk creates the energy of stagnation, while any circular shapes tend to have constant movements.

On the contrary, the recommended shapes are rectangular and flowing shapes. An open front rectangular desk provides growth and expansion. This shape also encourages better energy flow. If you want to be more creative and constant, a flowing shape desk is for you.

Place your desk in the Command Position

A command position in feng shui is about being in a position that allows you to be the commander of your energy and hence places you in the best spot to deal with whatever situations that may come into your life.

Placing your desk across a window or wall, in line with the door, and with your back to the door tend to have the least beneficial desk placements in feng shui. On the contrary, a table that is placed facing the door and is following your lucky feng shui directions has the most beneficial desk placement.


Follow the Powerful Bagua

Bagua or the feng shui energy map can determine the areas of your desk that can strengthen a specific aspect of your life. For example, in feng shui, the upper right area has always been associated with love and marriage.

If you wish for better wealth or to earn more money, you want to pay attention to the upper left. The middle parts of the desk say a lot about your work. Keep an eye on the mid-left for better health, while the mid-right for creativity.

In general, a correctly-placed desk puts in either the business relationship Bagua sector or wealth Bagua sector of your office. It puts you at ease as you work and in charge of your business life. Ultimately, it allows you to determine and invite in new business opportunities.


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