Bring Spring Cheer Into Your Home – Decor Tips

We’ve made it! We got through the winter and the hibernation mode and we are now ready to prepare the mindset for the next season. Spring has always been a source of inspiration and with the seasonal festivities, Mother’s Day event, the Easter dinner, etc, you should prepare the spring centerpieces for each.

Nothing makes an impression like DIY table displays, so we will help you do the trick. Our ideas are inspired by what springtime has to offer: pastel accents, flowers, Easter eggs, etc. Blooming flowers are not everybody’s favorite, so we’ve prepared several gorgeous options if you prefer to go without blooms at your gatherings.

Browse through these additional decor ideas, which are the perfect way to welcome spring (if we must say so) if you want to take the florals and pastels beyond your dining room table.

Gold leaf vase

We all have that certain vase that needs a good reconditioning. You can do so by painting it with gold leaf. If you choose a rose gold hue, it will complement the pinks and reds in the floral assortment.

Recycle the milk bottles

Don’t throw the milk bottles away. You could use them to create a modern look vase assemble. String together six glass milk bottles and fill them with freshly cut flowers straight from your garden.

Herb Garden in royal blue pots

Planting is the main activity every flower lover enjoys at the beginning of spring. Plant herbs, grasses, and other greens in color-coordinated pots. You can use royal blue pots to integrate the color of the year into your home’s design. Stick the pots on a two-tiered tray for a makeshift centerpiece.

Easter Eggs in Pink Shades Bucket

You don’t necessarily need to use flowers to make a bucket. You can make one by using a died eggs in varying shapes of pink, blue, green, violet. Remember to keep everything in the same color family.

Died Eggs and Flowers

You don’t have to wait for Easter to try this kind of arrangement. You can turn leftover paper egg cartons into a chic centerpiece by cutting out egg cups in groups of four and painting them white. Arranged in a circle and filled with eggs, candy and flowers, this kind of arrangement is very appreciated by adults and children alike.

Floral Terrarium

We love both candle and flower arrangements, especially when it comes to terrariums. Mix roses, Faux peonies and succulents in a table-ready lantern for a stunning display. This will make an impression on anybody.

Woodsy arrangement

Make any ol’ vase a statement piece by lining sticks around its exterior and securing with twine if you really want to bring the outside in.

Basket for Tulip Lovers

The tulip season is here! Cut two dozen fresh blooms from your garden and stick them in a wooden basket, detailed with a thick ribbon in the same hue.

Paper Flowers – Another Spring Option

Are you looking for a centerpiece that lasts all year long? Do you enjoy DIY activities? Then turn brightly colored craft paper into rows of neon flowers.

Follow our tips to bring spring into your home!

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