Weekend House Wachtebeke by GAFPA

Weekend House Wachtebeke by GAFPA

Architects: GAFPA
Location: Wachtebeke, Belgium
Year: 2014
Area: 1.400 sqft / 130 sqm
Photo courtesy: GAFPA

What makes a weekend house? What separates it from whatever other property? Youthful engineers GAFPA fancied to arrive in Wachtebeke what could be a weekend house. The undertaking earned them a unique notice amid the late Belgian Building Awards. The weekend house epitomizes a particular oeuvre that ranges from arranging shows to scene ventures.


The clients, who live in a condo in the city of Ghent, looked for an asylum from the riotous life. GAFPA refined from their longing a – in a few ways – “impermanent stay” a short distance from the place where they grew up.


The weekend house allows its inhabitants to escape from regular life. In that sense, there is no illustrative side, on the grounds that no guests must be invited there. The weekend house turnes far from the street and concentrates steadfastly on the contiguous farming field. The passageway is taken cover behind a support. The front entryway is ensured by an extended metal seal, similar to the windows of the rooms. That side, concentrating on the neighbors, can be totally shut amid periods when the house is vacant. Opened the screens are blades that give the rooms protection in connection to the road.


The building is raised from the beginning. From the lifted position you look over the yellow forsythia shrubberies to the Moervaart. The insides are orchestrated in a U-formed arrangement. At every end of the U-shape there is a parlor with a secured outside range. The glass wedge interfaces the living spaces, additionally takes into consideration division. In this limited yard is an open solid water bowl pushed under the volume, a little bramble winds its way to the open space. The greenhouse breaks down into the scene. An uncommonly picked tree was planted with the goal that it sheds his crown shadows on the glass exterior amid summer months. At the base of the tree lies a rock. Against the house others serve as venturing stones to get to the level of the house or the porch.


In a weekend house the rooms ought not be to huge. They are along these lines purposely little measured. A great deal more than a solitary bed does not fit in there. The pantry is a piece of the divider that isolates the assemblies of the passage. At the point when the entryways open, the rooms quickly consume up the room of the hallway. With the sliding entryways shut the cupboards open down within. The living territories are bigger, the lounge area with its twofold stature could even be called liberal. Between cooking territory and eating region is a steel winding staircase offering access to the mezzanine with resting place for folks. On the arrangement the separation between the ledge appears to be fairly tight, actually it is the fundamental cushion in the middle of cooking and eating. The erosion expands the spatial experience.


The house is a current house on stilts on top of T-formed pre-assembled components. In its daintiness, it appears to be just incidentally. The timber volume could fall off effectively, the solid bases can be burrowed, and the protective cap like grass can recover the spot.


The house is developed by lattice of 2,40m. The façade is lined with aluminum profiles. The repeating components of steel profiles, extended metal grille and interior staircase are varnished in the same dim green shading. The substance of the edges comprises of wood-based boards, with an inconspicuous green cloudiness in light of their impregnation, rotating with extended metal barbecues on the windows. Over the living spaces Glass is contained in the aluminum outline. The top of the porch is by all accounts upheld by the same delicate structure. In all actuality, I-shafts on the rooftop cantilever to make it conceivable. They are cleverly covered up in the rooftop, which is somewhat a green rooftop.


In our locale still generally new systems of timber casing were utilized as a part of this low vitality house. Both inside and outside the dividers are secured with wooden board material. The protection is streamlined with paper drops passed up utilizing 3-twofold glass sheets. The floor in finished screed looks great against the wood, as well as gives the essential mass (together with the green rooftop) to expand the warm inactivity of the building.


The way this wooden house lays on the solid surfaces is reminiscent of conventional Japanese structural planning. This is fortified by the going stones that offer access to the lifted patio, in itself very nearly a mention to the engawa, the Japanese secured yard. The configuration of the house weekend turns his look, then again, obviously onto Western tests with light structures of standard components, for example, the private habitations of Jean Prouvé and Charles and Ray Eames. Notwithstanding conceivable references this property is an effective activity in the touchy treatment of project and environment.

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