How to Make Full Use of That Dingy Basement

How to Make Full Use of That Dingy Basement

According to the United States Census Bureau, around 132 million houses in the country have basements. If you belong to this number, then lucky you for having an additional space at home. Basements were primarily built as a protection for concrete foundation in times of winter where freeze can shift the foundation during freeze-thaw cycle. In the modern times, it is commonly used as a storage area if not a dingy laundry room

A basement can be used more than just what it was intended to. If you want to transform your basement into something more useful then here are some ideas to get your started.

Wine Cellar

If you like to indulge yourself on the weekend with a glass of chardonnay, moscato wine, pinot noir or cabernet sauvignon then you probably have a bottle or two stocked in your refrigerator or pantry. Level it up by transforming your gloomy basement into a classy or rustic wine cellar. Not only does having a wine cellar set up increase the value of your property, but it also makes a great excuse to invite friends for a party. Just make sure that appropriate climate control, insulation, waterproofing and lighting are properly installed.

Home Theater Room

With the advent of streaming service in our times, making movie watching as easy as clicking a screen without the need to line up at the to cinema; having a home theater room sounds like something that should be natural. Basements, especially the ones with a shallow ceiling, makes a great spot for some home cinematic experience. Putting up some comfortable sitting, a wide screen TV or projector will instantly transform your once gloomy space into an entertainment hub.

Sports Room

If your family is a cool bunch of sporty individuals, then that makes a great excuse to turn your basement into more than just a storage and be an interactive sports room. Mounting a television set that will make watching a sports as immersive as possible is enough to turn it into a sports fest area especially in the basketball, baseball and football season. Adding other items like pool table, chess, card table, and dartboard, instantly makes it feel like a sports bar.

Guest Room

You can never have too much bedroom. But having one deliberately for guests is a great plus. No children will whine about how they were kicked out or obliged to share their bedroom for a night or two. There is no need to consider adding any other items except for the basic that any bedroom should have like a cabinet, mattress, mirror, chairs, closet and maybe a small TV set. Having a sleeping over will never be a burden anymore as you can comfortably accommodate people in your humble abode.


If are self-employed or are able to work from home, then having an office at the comfort of your house maybe a big thing for you. Home office allows you to have a designated area to concentrate and work on your job. Some people don’t realize it, but it can be difficult to concentrate and focus at work when the environment you are in feels like home. A home office also gives you privacy. Nothing beats working in your home office, which says you are busy at work.

Apartment Space

If you basement is big enough, you can convert it into something financially rewarding, a rental apartment. Only if it is legal in your location, turning your basement into a residential space for rent lets you have a new source of income. It is up to you if you’d like to have it rented out to some other people or someone closely related. The important thing is you have a passive income.

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