How To Turn Your House Into A Tropical Paradise

How To Turn Your House Into A Tropical Paradise

Did you just get back from your tropical destination? Did you enjoy the waves and the pristine waters in the tropics? Whether it’s in the Philippines, Thailand, Greece, Croatia, South Africa or the Maldives, a tropical haven is all but the same – relaxing, calming, and warm. Simply they are a piece of heaven on earth. Fortunately, you can emulate that tropical vibes back at home with some simple yet effective redecorating tips.

After your awe-inspiring vacation, you go back to the reality of life. Going home to busy work, it helps if every day you come back to the arms of paradise. There is no need for you to wait another few months of saving to afford that flight back to the tropics. A tropical themed home, may not be an authentic experience and comparable to a vacation but at least it can make you a little at ease every single day.

Here are some tips to turn your house into a tropical paradise:

Color Scheme

Color can easily instigate a certain feeling and vibe to any space and it can be used to make your room or house feeling tropical. Light shades of blue like turquoise, sky blue or aqua are a good starting point when thinking about the color of the heaven you are looking for. The tropics are all about a burst of color. It is not about being bright, but more on emulating a relaxing aura or fun.

Try to experiment with the color wheel to know the right blend of colors to paint with your walls. A good pair of color to choose from in order to match the tropics are shades of green, brown and some pops of reds and lighter blues.


Nothing commands the tone of a room than your furniture. They set the kind of theme you are after in a space or a room. So if you are going after the tropics, you need to incorporate some form of texture that is seen on the beach and in the tropical region. Hardwood, bamboo, and rattan made furniture can easily transform an area from a modern chic to tropical haven. You can’t go wrong with a basic rattan cushion chair. It simply is an effective almost staple tropical furniture.


If you don’t have the time to paint the walls, move and buy new furniture then you can simply just install tropical inspired artwork. There are many print canvas available that is enough to make a statement that your house is all about the tropics. If you do not want anything hanging in your walls, then simply put some accessories around the room that shouts indigenous. And one effective item for that are woven baskets. They can act as decor but at the same time, works as functional storage.


Apart from the clear waters of the tropics, another form of nature that can remind you of it is the lush greens. A tropical paradise themed house will not be a mission accomplished without the tropical plants. The plants you need to have needs to be indigenous to the tropical region you are going after to the atmosphere as authentic as possible. The tropical plants you may include are:

  • palm trees
  • ferns
  • rubber plants
  • bamboo
  • umbrella plants
  • evergreen
  • orchids


The tropical regions do have their occasional monsoons, but we perfectly imagine them more as sunny and bright every single day and this means, lighting is an important aspect we need to address. In order to compliment your tropical themed house, you need to invite natural light as much as you can. This kind of light is soft and bright but not glaring. You can plan out your windows and place mirrors that can reflect much of them as possible.

If you don’t feel like opening your house to the external factors brought the open air, you can just install lighting fixtures that provide earthy, neutral lighting. It should be leaning more into an orange kind of hue just like the sunlight.

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