Improve Your Bedroom This Weekend with These Seven 7 Tips

Improve Your Bedroom This Weekend with These Seven 7 Tips

After a long, tiresome day of work, the best you could do is have a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, for most people, this is easier said than done. It’s no surprise to find yourself wide awake at almost two am, having gone to sleep at nearly nine pm.

It’s easy to point out the uncomfortable bed or the room’s Feng Shui, but surprisingly, even your day to day activities might affect your sleeping patterns significantly. If you want to improve your bedroom and get some quality sleep, consider these seven tricks.

1. Make your bed in the morning

As the saying goes ‘as you make your bed, so will you lay on it’, ensure that you make your bed early in the morning so you won’t do a shoddy job in the evening. It’s also a fantastic way to prepare yourself for some good sleep mentally and is super comfortable too,

2. Get a new mattress

The problem might just be your mattress.  Try using other types of mattresses like memory foam, a bamboo mattress or even a water mattress. Try out various types of mattresses like memory foam or water mattresses. Bamboo mattresses help regulate body temperature, are hypoallergenic and provide the right spinal support. These bamboo mattress benefits make them an excellent choice for most people who have trouble sleeping. Ditch your old mattress, get yourself a new one and snooze like a king.

3. Put your clothes away

It doesn’t matter if they are dirty or clean, put all your clothes away before you sleep. This means no clothes on the bed or on the floor. Neatly arrange them in your closet or throw them in your laundry basket if it is too much work. This will help you have a clear mind before going to sleep and will eventually increase your chances of getting quality sleep dramatically.

4. Declutter your bed

If you have all your devices, unfinished assignments, novels and other stuff on your bed, clear them out. A messy space could also mess up your sleeping cycle too. Clutter will also interfere with the occasional tossing and turning in bed.

5. Turn off your phone

If you can’t afford to turn off your phone then please let it charge outside your room. The phone is the greatest hindrance to a decent sleep. Not only will it keep you up with games and social media stuff, but it will also emit blue light that will prevent the production of crucial sleep hormones. The only solution is to keep it off when its bedtime or

6. Reserve the bedroom for sleep

Your bedroom might be the most relaxing space in your house, but that doesn’t mean you should spend half the day in your room. The bedroom should be specifically reserved for sleep and sleep only. Otherwise, your bedroom could become your office, your study room, your lounge, anything but your bedroom.

7. Decrease your room temperature

If you have a thermostat, you might want to decrease the heat a little to get that one-way trip to slumberland. Studies have revealed that a dip in temperature naturally convinces your brain to get ready for sleep. If you have trouble catching some Zs you could try out these neat tricks. See how it works for you.

Your bedroom plays a pivotal role in dictating your sleeping habits. Taking these seven steps to improve your sleeping quarters could be the turning point of your irregular sleeping patterns and lack of quality sleep. With the right amount of sleep, you will see your productivity drastic improvement, and your mood lightens up almost immediately. Try these tricks and see positive results tonight.

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