Mirror Houses by Peter Pichler Architecture

Mirror Houses by Peter Pichler Architecture

Architects: Peter Pichler Architecture
Location: Bolzano, Italy
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Oskar Da Riz

The Mirror Houses are a couple of occasion homes, set in the sublime surroundings of the South Tyrolean Dolomites, in the midst of an excellent landscape of appletrees, simply outside the city of Bolzano. They were outlined by designer Peter Pichler. The Mirror houses offer a special opportunity to spend a wonderful excursion encompassed by contemporary construction modeling of the most astounding gauges and the most surprising Landscape and magnificence nature brings to the table.


The customer, who lives in a rebuilt farmhouse of the 60s on the site, approached to outline a structure for leasing as extravagance occasion units. Visitors have their little self-sufficient condo and can completely appreciate the experience of living amidst nature. A most extreme level of protection for both the customer and the living visitor ought to be looked into.


The new structure is situated towards east with their private greenery enclosure and an independent get to and stopping for the visitors. Every unit contains a kitchen/lounge room and in addition a shower and room with huge sky facing windows that open to permit normal light and ventilation. A little cellar serves for brief stockpiling. The tasks beginning volume is split in 2 units that are somewhat moved in tallness and length keeping in mind the end goal to relaxing the whole structure and articulating every unit.


Both units are gliding on a base over the ground summoning daintiness other than offering better perspectives from their cantilevering patios to the great encompassing scene. The volume opens towards east with a major glass veneer that blurs with curvilinear lines into the dark aluminum shell. Reflected glass on the west veneer fringes the greenery enclosure of the customer with the units and gets the encompassing scene while making the units verging on imperceptible. The reflected glass is covered with an UV covering counteracting winged creatures impact. From specific perspectives of the customers cultivate the old existing farmhouse is reflected in the new contemporary building design and is truly mixing into it instead of going up against.

Mirror-Houses-04 Mirror-Houses-05 Mirror-Houses-06 Mirror-Houses-07 Mirror-Houses-08 Mirror-Houses-09 Mirror-Houses-10 Mirror-Houses-11 Mirror-Houses-12 Mirror-Houses-13 Mirror-Houses-14 Mirror-Houses-15 Mirror-Houses-16 Mirror-Houses-17 Mirror-Houses-18 Mirror-Houses-19 Mirror-Houses-20 Mirror-Houses-21 Mirror-Houses-22 Mirror-Houses-23 Mirror-Houses-24 Mirror-Houses-25 Mirror-Houses-26 Mirror-Houses-27 Mirror-Houses-28 Mirror-Houses-29 Mirror-Houses-30 Mirror-Houses-31

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