Gorki House near Moscow by Atrium Architects

Gorki House near Moscow by Atrium Architects

Architects: Atrium Architects
Location: Moscow, Russia
Photos: Yuri Palmin, Anton Nadtochiy

The house is situated on the highest point of a slope encompassed by pine trees. The site has three headings with lovely perspectives, just the north view is more awful, so the designers chose to shut it off. This incited the thought of collapsed plane, which is lifted somewhat over the ground and structures the space of the house. It makes an assortment of inward and external spaces which serve regular staying capacities.


In the meantime the building is interested in the daylight, with windows all through arranged towards characteristic light. You can feel the structure of collapsing in the house in light of the open space arrangement where open zones stream into private territories and the other way around. There is no distinction in cladding of the outside and within. On the off chance that you see wood in the outside you can make sure this spot in the inside is made in the same material.


A portion of the windows, for instance in the lavatory, are made as the cuts in collapsed plane as it sees its structure, so there are stuck glass edges. The Architects exceptionally took a shot at the issue of thickness of this plane to make it exquisite and useful in the meantime, as the cantilever of the rooftop over the porches is around five meters in length.


The collapsed subject additionally turned into a style of the site, so all administrations resembles the principle building. There is an auto shed and a Russian shower. The last building is mostly covered up in the scene, so the top of it fills in as a perception stage. In winter time it turned into a skating-arena.

House-in-Gorki-04 House-in-Gorki-05 House-in-Gorki-07 House-in-Gorki-08 House-in-Gorki-09 House-in-Gorki-10 House-in-Gorki-11 House-in-Gorki-12 House-in-Gorki-21 House-in-Gorki-22 House-in-Gorki-23

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