Kilrenney House by IKONIKO

Kilrenney House by IKONIKO

Architects: IKONIKO
Location: Los Angeles, California
Area: 3,950 square foot
Photos: David Lena Photography, IKONOTO

Settled in the heart of Cheviot Hills, this house on Kilrenney Avenue sits deftly on its slope site. IKONIKO joined forces with the developer Becker General Contractors to build up this as a theoretical venture in this upscale west Los Angeles neighborhood. A current single story house and disengaged carport, manufactured in 1960, served as the beginning stage of the outline.

Kilrenney-Avenue-Residence-01So as to be earth delicate, the configuration safeguarded the current building’s outside dividers, floor piece and establishments. This additionally permitted the current home to exploit the emotional perspectives from its corners.


Since the other existing houses in the region sit closer to the road, the zoning permitted this new outline to construct in the front segment of the site. This permitted the building design to have a sensational, present day expression while alleviating the slanting front yard and boosting the private back yard. Another passageway, set at a middle level, join the revamped carport to the new lounge room with another staircase. This new parlor serves as the principle seeing stage in the house. Frameless glass dividers take off to 12 feet (3.7 m), wrapping the room on three sides, taking in the extensive perspectives of the rich foliage in the area.


A smooth, wood framed roof floats over the parlor and the kitchen, joining the spaces compositionally, while containing the vital recessed lighting and ventilation channels. The halfway found kitchen disregards the primary family room and has the capacity exploit the perspectives toward the south while keeping up a level of security with an adjustment in level.


Rising to the fundamental level, one is welcomed with a broad perspective to the back yard. Glass entryways slide away to mlessly coordinate the living spaces with outside. A liberal porch space under the main room gives a cool spot to unwind in the shade while taking in the California sun. The glass dividers at both closures of the house are intended to be interested in the tender breezes, permitting the house to actually ventilated most days of the year.


Keeping in mind the end goal to save the perspectives to the back yard, an open steel staircase trickles down from the upper level, welcoming guests to come upstairs. The cantilevered treads are clad in strong walnut, coordinated to the kitchen cupboards. The stair leads past the twofold tallness glass divider, permitting one to take in the perspective of the moderate scene in the back yard. At the top, the expert suite moves into the back yard. This private retreat includes a liberal open arrangement with detached storerooms and private overhang.


The expert shower is a moderate expression in marble and glass. North-bound windows over the two-ter tub permit calming light to enter, yet are put sufficiently high to look after security. An upper level media room spills out with an expansive gallery over the front room beneath. This gallery interfaces over the front of the house to two of the rooms. Profound shades shade these southern-confronting windows, keeping the house cool.

Kilrenney-Avenue-Residence-06 Kilrenney-Avenue-Residence-10 Kilrenney-Avenue-Residence-11-1 Kilrenney-Avenue-Residence-11 Kilrenney-Avenue-Residence-13 Kilrenney-Avenue-Residence-15 Kilrenney-Avenue-Residence-20 Kilrenney-Avenue-Residence-21 Kilrenney-Avenue-Residence-22 Kilrenney-Avenue-Residence-23-1 Kilrenney-Avenue-Residence-23

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