5 Décor Tricks to Make Your Living Room More Beautiful

5 Décor Tricks to Make Your Living Room More Beautiful

We all want our living room to be beautiful and inviting. There is so much to consider in such a family friendly space. From the colors, lighting, and accent choices, there’s endless options to beautify your living room space. If you thought you spent a lot of time in the living room already, you’ll make it your personal habitat once you use the following 5 decor tricks to make your living room more beautiful.

  1. Simple and Relaxing Colors

The living is the ultimate family nook. It’s the room that welcomes everyone with relaxation, warmth, and fun. To create a family-friendly vibe it’s important to use the right colors. This is a top 5 decor trick that can’t be ignored. To maintain that relaxing atmosphere and that cozy and welcoming feeling, you’ve got to stick to simple colors. Simple colors help to generate a relaxed mood, as opposed to stark colors that will create an opposite effect. Lean towards muted and earthy tones for warmth such as light browns, eggshell, light green, and creme. You can also consider light tones that create more light like light gray. This will create a very brightly lit look with a clean feel.

Choosing darker colors will only dampen the family vibe. Darker colors tend to make a room smaller and less inviting. A great way to incorporate darker hues into your living room, is to mix and match with other decor in that space. Things like picture frames and lampshades, even furnishings and fixtures around the room can be amplified by choosing the right color for your living room. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Adding pops of color to your living room can also beautify your space. Don’t go overboard, but take the opportunity where you see it. Adding a splash or yellow, or other warm and bright hues can liven up the space. Just be careful not to create too much accent with colors, or the room will lose its focus and exude a less than relaxing mood.

  1. The Right Lighting

The right lighting for your living room is one of the top beautifying tricks to make your space stand out. Everyone wants to hangout in the living room and it gets a lot of foot traffic. Whether it be watching tv, taking a nap, or playing a board game, it’s essential to have the proper lighting. Use the right lighting to make your living a place where your family wants to spend time.

In the case of the living room, the best and most welcoming option for lighting is to use tall lamps. Recessed lighting is a popular choice but it displays light downwards, while lamps generate light that goes upwards. This “upward” lighting trick makes for less shadows and allows the light to hit all over the room.

Another viable and beautifying option is to double-up on lighting in the living room. You can do this by adding different accent lights such as reading l

amps and light pendants next to reading nooks, tables, recliners, and entertainment areas. Incorporating these additional lights will help you showcase a variety of areas across the living room. The lighting in your living room can do so much more than you can imagine to beautify your space. You can make fabrics and patterns stand out, highlight throw blankets, and other pictures or decor around the room, just by using the right lights and arranging it the best way.

Using lampshades can help to beautify your living room depending on their size and style. Be sure to use the style that suits you and your living room best, but also make sure that the fabric allows the right amount of light to shine through. By keeping this in mind, you can create the perfectly lit atmosphere that emphasizes what you want to stand out. Stick to lampshades that are simple and clean.

  1. Go Green

The living room isn’t typically considered a living space that is “green”, but there’s something to be said about the way an environmentally conscious living room can actually look beautiful. One of the ways to beautify your living room by going green is to include plants. Adding plants is an extremely easy way to bring some purity and healthy additions to your living space. Plants release clean and healthy air, all the while their look can add gorgeous accents and pops of color. Plants also give off a calming and peaceful vibe, which is exactly what makes a living room so beautiful and inviting.

Another green-conscious choice for your living room is to install light dimmers. This is a great way to cut costs and keep your living room feeling contemporary. Using dimmers helps you conserve energy, lower your bills, but it can also allow you to set the perfect ambience for any family event.

If you have tiling either on the walls, in decor, or tiled floors in your living room, choose environmentally friendly choices that don’t contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Some viable options that are not only green but also beautiful materials are ceramic, recycled glass, and bamboo. Choose tiles and decor that incorporate these materials as a family friendly and stunning option.

  1. Add Accents

Accents whether big or small, can magnify the beauty of your living room. Too much and you’ll reverse the beautiful and warming mood of the space, but just the right amount and you’ve hit the living room jackpot. Some accent choices to consider are throw blankets, the type of fabrics on your couch, the pictures and frames you choose to hang, and many others. A simple addition of a candle on a coffee table or stand can make all the difference.

These small additions don’t seem like a big deal but without them, your living room will feel dull. Accents are what tie the room together. Look at your living room and ask yourself which parts of the room still need that “cherry on top”.

  1. Make it Marble

One of the trendiest ways to make your living room a dream is the incorporation of marble. The fusion of marble touches across your living room will amp the beauty of the room all the while infusing class and elegance. It’s the best way to sync a family-friendly space with a touch of luxury.

Consider using marble tabletops for coffee tables and stands around the room. The light color the marble is noted for will create more light and brightness in your living room space. You can also incorporate marble, or the look of marble by potting your plants in marble pots. This is an excellent way to marry the beauty of going green and the prestige of using marble.

Do what you love, and incorporate the things you love into your living room space in addition to these 5 décor tricks to beautify your living room. There are so many fun combinations to experiment with. for more information, check out housetipster industry. It’s the spot to be for all things house and home.

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