Trends Interior Designers Propose for this Autumn

We all love the sunny shades and breezy linens that brighten our summer days, but September is around the corner and we have some great ideas with whitch you can prepare you home for a cozy autumn.

To find out what is trending this autumn, we gathered the opinions of well known interior designers.

Emily Henderson says that classic is back. ”We are talking classic shapes with refined features, inviting curves, and cozy and textured textiles. It’s something that feels homey, fresh, and elegant all while staying timeless and approachable.” She also claims that items with a faux industrial, faux boho, faux rustic are no longer in trend and we should get rid of them.

Sara Tramp for EHD

Katie Hodges says that her clients proved to be more interested in the longevity of their designs, rather than the trends, so she recommends an earth toned-color palette with varied textures seems to have withstood the test of time. ” Opt for at least one vintage and/or textural piece, and always remember that contrast is your best friend.” She advises not to choose a colored sofas with modern silhouettes.

Amy Bartlam

Tali Roth says ”cane it’s timeless and can be used in any application (bedhead, chairs, coffee tables, storage pieces. The baby pink trend is over. As much as we love pink, it’s time to take a break from it.

Stefani Stein recommends vintage pieces: I’m really excited by vintage Gucci right now—both in fashion and furnishings. It is especially fantastic in combination with upholstery pieces with unexpected lines or sinuous curves.”

Tessa Neustadt

Nicole Gibbons affirms that nowadays people dare more and they are more into bold colors.

Courtesy of Clare

Caroline Grant and Dolores Suarez say that people are looking for coziness, they want to feel at home. „We do this by mixing styles and giving walls texture and pattern through wallpaper and fabrics and having the furniture be clean and simple but adding those pillows and throws. “

Also, people are running from houses that are too designed. They appreciate authenticity.

Britany Ambridge

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