Austin City View Residence by Dick Clark Architecture

Austin City View Residence by Dick Clark Architecture

Architects: Dick Clark Architecture
Location: Austin, Texas, USA
Area: 5,130 square foot
Price: $3.5 million
Photos: Dick Clark Architecture

Propelled by the owners craving to live in a house that mirrors their qualities and way of life, this house takes a structurally insignificant methodology with basic massing, a downplayed material palette, and vast regions of glass. Arranged for amusement, the glass box living zone, alongside huge sliding entryways from the eating and pool room welcome visitors outside onto the pool deck to take in the dynamite perspective of the Austin horizon.


We attempted our best to have as meager effect on the earth too. The house has a 3 kw sun powered board framework, moment boiling hot water radiators, bio froth protection, downpour water accumulation that floods a decent divide of the part, extremely effective mechanical frameworks, and low e glass.


The arrangement is exceptionally open, there are visual associations between living/eating/kitchen. A transparent oak screen isolates the stair from the kitchen.


To isolated the general population section corridor from the private room wing, we did a skimming shelf/workmanship show millwork piece, we utilized an eco shrewd burner too, it permitted us to make a chimney mass that doesn’t touch the roof which includes non-allotment nature of the house. The siding is cypress, it keeps running all around.

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