Lara house with party space made on the rooftop by Felipe Hess

Lara house by Felipe Hess

Architects: Felipe Hess
Location: Jardim Paulistano, São Paulo, Brazil
Year: 2015
Area: 3,767 sq ft / 350 sq m
Photo courtesy: Ricardo Bassetti

About: taking favorable position from the nearby development laws, which permit to develop to the side fringes of the plot, the modelers composed two greenhouses, one in the front and one on the back of the house. The passageway happens through a prospering tropical patio nursery concealing the genuine house and giving get to straight to the coordinated living-lounge area, which opens on the back greenery enclosure as well.

Lara house by Felipe Hess-01

The upper piece, which obliges three complete suites, utilizes the entire width of the plot and opens on both greenery enclosures. It inclines toward the fringe dividers and on two ground floor volumes, which compose all the administration offices: the stone box has the clothing, the kitchen and stores, while the metallic one, on the back, contains the social latrine and a hardware stockpiling for the patio nursery and swimming pool. Behind the pool, a high divider shrouds the steam room and also the vestiaries.

Lara house by Felipe Hess-02

The façade surface is given by the variety of the wooden braces: the horizontals, general and altered shrouds the bathrooms, giving security but see on the encompassing trees, while the verticals seals the rooms with sporadic openings and diverse sheets ‘sizes. This arrangement permits normal lighting and ventilation to all rooms, without losing circumspection.

Lara house by Felipe Hess-03

On the top floor, a window ornament box crowns the volume, facilitating the water tanks and the grill. Surrounding it, a wide solarium patio with a 360 perspective on the city.

Lara house by Felipe Hess-04 Lara house by Felipe Hess-05 Lara house by Felipe Hess-06 Lara house by Felipe Hess-07 Lara house by Felipe Hess-08 Lara house by Felipe Hess-09 Lara house by Felipe Hess-10 Lara house by Felipe Hess-11Lara house by Felipe Hess-00 Lara house by Felipe Hess-12 Lara house by Felipe Hess-13 Lara house by Felipe Hess-14 Lara house by Felipe Hess-15 Lara house by Felipe Hess-16 Lara house by Felipe Hess-17 Lara house by Felipe Hess-18 Lara house by Felipe Hess-19 Lara house by Felipe Hess-20 Lara house by Felipe Hess-21 Lara house by Felipe Hess-22 Lara house by Felipe Hess-23

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